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When things get difficult, stop!

Lately a series of incidents happened that reminded me that I need to stop when things get difficult. My goal is to remember this BEFORE I go down certain avenues.

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The modern catch phrase is: “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

I don't believe it!!


What I recognize about myself, I’ve seen in others, too.

If I’m sick, tired, overwhelmed, dehydrated, hungry, and/or pushing myself to finish a project and the project keeps tangling up, the message is – STOP

I don’t know how you operate, but often I’ll say to myself, “just five more minutes, or I’ll go one more step” – but then problems arise or intensify. Since I write articles while using the computer and internet a lot, often the difficulty will be my computer acts up, a program stops working properly, a program shuts down, an automated message keeps me from continuing, or an internet site shuts me out entirely. This might be a moment that someone will get upset with me. Sometimes I can get into such difficulty that I have to re-do a whole project from scratch. Recently it took me several additional weeks of grueling work to accomplish what I had set out to do — because I failed to stop and kept “shouldering too much work."

(Some years ago my massage therapist was working on my shoulders' She called them "should-ers" because the energy of "shoulding" on myself was trapped there.)

Therefore, I’m writing this article to remind myself. If it helps you, that’s a bonus.


What I understand about life:

— the universe and life are meant to be easy, enjoyable and even fun.

Lauren’s Law #3: “If it’s easy, it’s right”

— the universe / nature / cosmic energy operates within cycles and rhythms;

— timing is of the utmost importance (what doesn’t work well right now will probably work out smoothly later on);

—according to ancient Egyptians each hour of every day has its own unique energy;

—according to the ancient Mayans each day has its own unique energy;

—what works well one minute, hour or day may not work well later and vice-versa;

—fatigue, hunger, overwhelm, feeling inundated, my eyes hurting, etc. are messages that my body/mind uses to get my attention;

— messages like fatigue, hunger, overwhelm and feeling inundated tell me that energy is no longer flowing easily and to do something else;

—creativity is not something I can turn on and off like a switch;

—astrology/astronomy can alert me to appropriate timing, such as Mercury retrograde, full moons, eclipses, planetary transits, and so forth, that could affect what I’m doing;

—psychic and spiritual discernment is critical to my well-being and thus my work;

—psychic messages may be telling me that I’m taking a wrong turn and to stop and reevaluate before continuing;

—impatience, pushing myself beyond my limits, and trying to cut corners are not helpful , in fact, often create more problems;

—the logical mind isn’t any help in determining what to do or not to do under these circumstances and can even contribute to further problems.

I’m sure this is just a partial list. You could probably add more to it from your own experiences.


My personal story is what prompted this article —

Sue at Galde Press alerted me that I couldn’t download photos and images off the internet to use on my articles, because Fate Magazine and Galde Press are commercial endeavors. That means internet photos and images are generally copyright protected and I must gain permission, even pay, for those images and photos to use on my articles. (Now I've learned and get free images from pixabay.)

I had already downloaded photos and images from the internet onto all 22 of my articles. Therefore, I needed to remove each and every one of the images. I assiduously did so.

Then Sue mentioned that Flickr was copyright free. I went to Flickr and found lots of really wonderful images for my articles. I read the fine print and Flickr explained that I must give credit to the photographer and put a link from the photo on my article back to the photographer’s image on Flickr.

I spent the next week doing what Flickr had requested and downloaded all sorts of great images, linking each image and giving credit.

However, the whole time I was doing this I was tired, exhausted, my software and computer kept acting up, and the Galde Press website kept having problems, then shut down completely. I wanted to stop, but my mind kept telling me to push on.

Also I knew Mercury was retrograde during this time, which can create or exacerbate electronic problems.

I kept getting inner messages to wait until Mercury retrograde was over before continuing, and to stop working on images altogether. I ignored that message.

I kept getting a psychic message to ask permission from each photographer before downloading his or her photograph. I asked one person for permission, but then it seemed too overwhelming to ask all 60 photographers and decided to skip that part. After all, Flickr hadn’t mentioned getting permission. I ignored that message, too.

THEN, after I had finished adding all the new photos to my articles, I found more fine print from Flickr. Unless a photograph was designated as “some rights reserved” and “commercially approved,” I had to first contact the photographer for permission. Where had I been? Why didn’t I read that particular fine print before? Who knows, but I didn’t. [Gulp] A low-grade panic set in.

I was now two weeks into meticulously removing, then painstakingly adding new images.

What to do? I was in deep, not to mention hot, water now.

I couldn’t sleep. I prayed and meditated all that night. The answer I got was to leave the photos in place. Be scrupulously honest with each photographer. Tell him or her that I had erroneously downloaded their images and why. Humbly ask for forgiveness. Send a copy of my article with their photo in it. Then ask for permission to keep the image in my article — or — to advise me to remove the image.

So I began the process of emailing every one of 60 photographers. Each email started with “I’m sorry.”

I was even more tired, exhausted and overwhelmed. Now I was worried about possible repercussions.

Part way through the process of emailing the photographers, Flickr advised me it was blocking me from sending more emails because it thought I was spamming.

To make matters worse, In the process of removing some images, Galde Press’ website went down.

For two days I sat on the universe’s hot seat, unable to go forward or back.


Stubbornly I persisted. That is never a good thing.

I am now on the more-or-less finished side of my project. The photos are ensconced in their new homes on my various articles. I have heard from many of the photographers, who graciously allowed me permission to display their photographs. I’m waiting for those who haven’t yet responded.

One final problem. Sue from Galde Press decided it was too risky to put any of the images on my articles, so I had to delete them all.


What have I learned?

When things get difficult, STOP!

If I try to push the river, the river pushes back.

Slow down. I don’t have to hurry.

Take time to review the flow of energy both within and outside my body.

Listen and take appropriate action from any messages I get.

Relax and do something I enjoy. Rest. Eat. Play.

Don’t continue the project unless and until I get a green light.

Eventually….. the task will get done. If I wait for the right time, the task will get done easily and effortlessly.

Remember and pay attention —- because I already know these admonitions!


In the meantime, when running into difficulties, just STOP.


excerpt from COSMIC GRANDMA WISDOM 2016

Lauren O. Thyme originally posted on GaldePress Aug. 11, 2012

Lauren O. Thyme is a spiritual and psychic counselor, healer, channel, lecturer, published writer and poet, professional astrologer, and spiritual pilgrim.

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