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Mayan Calendar, the new species that evolution has been waiting for

I’m here to tell you about the Good News.

We all know about the bad news. So much bad news we can’t take it in anymore. We turn our heads, distract our minds and hearts, because the bad news is so overwhelming, so alarming, so pervasive, so seemingly impossible to fix, we tune out. “I’m just one person. What can I do?”

The good news I've extrapolated from the Mayan Sacred Calendar – no, not the famous one that people say foretells doom and gloom on Dec. 22, 2012. I mean the evolutionary Calendar of Consciousness. It’s a calendar not of time, but events. This Calendar tells us we’re more than okay; we’re evolving / have evolved into a new species, one that is capable of conscious co-creation. The species that evolution has been planning, nurturing, and waiting for - Us.

This Calendar is discussed brilliantly and clearly in books, videos (including youtube), and websites by both Carl Johan Calleman and Ian Xel Lungold. Calleman and Lungold have studied this Sacred Calendar with Mayan elders for decades. They have found that all important advances in human evolution came during critical times of the Calendar that the Mayans “discovered” and brought to our attention.

To simplify – this Mayan Calendar of Consciousness goes through 9 stages of evolution, starting with the big bang, through various evolutionary changes, until Oct. 28, 2011, when all 9 stages culminated. At that point Mayan researchers believe that human beings, including our DNA and consciousness, have evolved (or are evolving) into a brand-new species.

Who knows how the ancient Mayans figured this out? The bottom line for me is that their system follows the evolutionary process superbly and correlates with scientific knowledge. The system goes through various stages (including time-lines of millions and billions of years) from multi-cells organisms, to mammals, then primates, into humans, and continuing through human developments of reason, laws/punishment, power, ethics and climaxing in conscious co-creation. Do any of the dates ring a bell?

Here's a chart according to Carl Calleman:

Universal (ninth) Evolution of cosmic consciousness, Conscious; co-creation Feb. 11, 2011 – Oct. 28, 2011 Galactic (eighth) Evolution of galactic; Ethics Jan. 5, 1999– Oct. 28, 2011 Planetary (seventh) Evolution of global; Power July 24, 1755– Oct. 28, 2011 National (sixth) Evolution of civilization; Laws & Punishment Aug. 11, 3115– Oct. 28, 2011 Regional (fifth) Evolution of human complex tools, language, art, 100,000 BC– Oct. 28, 2011 Tribal (fourth) Evolution of hominid, first humans 2 million BC– Oct. 28, 2011 Familial (third) Evolution of First primates, anthropoid consciousness 40 million BC– Oct. 28, 2011 Mammal (second) Evolution mammalian, first animals 850 million BC– consciousness Oct. 28, 2011 Cellular (first) Big bang, galaxies, stars, evolution of higher cells 16.4 billion yrs, - Oct. 28, 2011

If one follows the Mayan system, there seems to be a “universal life vibration” that propels evolution forward, always advancing. The timing/energy/impetus is steadily and always in place to accelerate each phase of development to quicken and occur. This whole evolutionary process can be likened to a human being developing from newly-fertilized egg, to multi-cell organism, to embryo, to fetus, emerge as a fully-formed human being, then develop through years of emotional, rational, verbal, and spiritual learning to mature into a functional member of global society.

"Ernst Haeckel said that ontogeny--the development of an individual organism from embryo to adult --recapitulates phylogeny. Universal agreement exists that the tree of life is the result of organic descent from earlier ancestors and that true phylogenies are discoverable, at least in principle." ****

It’s as though Universal Energy is a Loving Parent, helping its “children” to form and mature into what we have been meant to become. This is an important concept to remember. We are meant to be here at this stage, at this phase, at this time, even with all our problems, to be a highly evolved species.

Perhaps problems have been built into the system so that life can/must evolve. There were times in our planetary evolution that problems came along, and evolution shifted to (or was forced to follow) the path that was opened up by those very problems.

Some examples:

—too much oxygen which forced anaerobic life forms to start breathing oxygen;

— an event that killed off dinosaurs, which made room for mammals and birds;

— a climate change that decimated trees, which forced primates to move from living in jungles to savannahs, perhaps having to learn to walk upright.

So maybe all along the way, life was assisted, even pushed or required to evolve. Evolve or die, as the saying goes.

I have a hunch there may be invisible benign forces that have always been residing in the “nursery of evolution” to help us. If so, those forces are here still. Maybe because we cannot see or hear or sense them we feel alone, helpless, hopeless.

But the Mayans tell us differently. “We will make it,” say the Mayans. We are meant to make it. We (human beings, the earth, the universe, evolution itself) are designed to survive, develop, and – dare I say it — thrive. I know it doesn’t look like it from our vantage point – yet. But my Council of Elders tell me every time I’ve asked – we’re fine.

There’s one more possibility to cover, which I don’t yet see on the Internet or Facebook, even with the spiritually aware folks. It’s what Jung called the Collective UN-conscious. We are asked to love each other, forgive, be grateful, practice mutual respect, and so on. That’s all to the good. Yet — all our spiritual work is on a CONSCIOUS level as we practice those worthy exercises.

In a groundbreaking book, THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF, cellular biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton describes our beliefs "as a form of energy that affects the cell membrane, creating health or disease within our cells.”**

As Rob Williams — the Founder of Psych-K, based on Dr. Bruce Lipton’s work, says — our conscious mind is a very small percentage of our mind. The UN-conscious mind is where the majority of our mind resides. And often we can’t do anything about that unconscious mind. "…The interaction between mind, body and spirit has a profound influence on how we feel….but unconscious beliefs which we are not even aware of impact us every day. Psych-K, short for Psychological Kinesiology, is [a]… treatment option that allows us bring the unconscious beliefs that are negatively impacting our health out into the option to affect a lasting change…Most of our brain is devoted to unconscious thought, and it is these unconscious thoughts and beliefs we have about ourselves that can have such a negative effect on our health.

I’m taking this one step further than Lipton or Williams. As I’ve said, humans are part of what Jung calls the Collective UN-conscious. According to quantum physicists nowadays, we (humans AND nature) are all connected as one. The physicists call it non-locality or quantum entanglement. So our collective unconscious is connected, entangled together. Although it is probably helpful to practice conscious affirmations and behaviors of love, harmony, and so on, it is our collective mind that is running our global show.

We are all connected –peacemakers and terrorists, liberals and conservatives, all religions, all people, old or young, sick or healthy, everywhere – AND — at the same time we are connected immutably to all of nature – the soil, plants, animals, sky, air, water. So does that mean our collective unconscious includes nature? It must, if physicists are correct. And it’s not just physicists, but indigenous wisdom, and metaphysical tradition, that say “everything is connected to everything.” There is no “Them” out there who are creating problems, it is “Us,” our collective unconscious.

By the way, there is no blame involved. We are simply learning and growing.

This could be good news or bad news. I prefer to believe the Mayans and their Sacred Calendar and call it good news.

Somehow AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME we are evolving, changing, growing, into a new highly-conscious species, one that will be aware and respectful of our connection to one another and to all of nature, all of the universe. One that will consider the preciousness of every drop of water, every person, every flower and insect, as if that is oneself. Ladies and gentlemen – I believe this is happening automatically. Right now as a matter of fact. Maybe it doesn’t look like it. But perhaps these are the very problems leading to the solutions and our evolution.

Whatever looks like a problem can/will be easily resolved from our new consciousness. And that consciousness includes nature. Nature can solve some of our most intractable problems – like fungi that loves to eat plastic, mushrooms that cleans polluted, irradiated water and soil, and man-made floating plant islands that transform polluted water to pristine liquid. We can and must make nature our full partner – as our teacher, not our subject.

I recently came across a phrase that sums up my whole discussion nicely: “The universe is self-organizing and self-evolving.” What the Mayans have taught us is that we’re okay . We’re on the proper course of our evolution right now. The universe could not have painstakingly created all of these steps of evolution as iterated in the Sacred Mayan Calendar, only to slam shut the evolutionary door in our face at the last moment.

Therefore, I and the Mayan Calendar researchers believe we’re at the culmination point of the Mayan Sacred Calendar where humans are becoming a new species, one that consciously co-creates with the universe. What looks like bad news is just GOOD NEWS ready to happen. News at 11:00.

Lauren O. Thyme, first published in Galdepress May 29, 2012

Cosmic Grandma Wisdom copyright 2017

**”Psych-K in Portland website

The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Lipton

Carl Calleman The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness

Bringing the Mayan Calendar North Ian Xel Lungold


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