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The Universal Bank Account

The Universal Bank Account is not just about money. It's basically about energy. The universe has an explicit connection between “giving” and “receiving.” The connection is like a revolving door, a loop, similar to Sir Isaac Newton’s law of motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Simply put: when a person gives anything, the universe is then obligated to give back, to return energy to the sender, or else the universe would become disordered. The person receives — from the universe. It only appears that a person receives from someone or something else. But in truth it is the universe giving back (through whatever means at its disposal).

And the most wonderful part of this dual motion is that the energy the universe sends (returns) to the original person is saved and may not show up immediately. That energy goes into what I call the Universal Bank Account. Then when that same person needs something at a future date — money, a job, help fixing a tire, friendliness, a hug — the universe supplies it, withdrawing energy from that person’s Universal Bank Account.

Energy moves in a endless loop — a cycle for each individual — through giving, then receiving. Giving and receiving. Into infinity.

I’ve been questioned by skeptics on my theory. What I tell them is: don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself. Experiment.

Since I’m not a trained scientist I may have explained my theory badly. So I will simply explain how to do it. And then you can experiment for yourself.


Every day — give something. Many somethings. As many somethings as you can think of. It could be money to someone who needs it, a friend or a charity. You could give money anonymously to a friend, relative, neighbor or a stranger. You could buy groceries for someone or give food to the food bank. You could feed wild birds or animals. You could help clean up pollution. You could recycle. You could save energy by turning out lights or bicycling or any other method. You could pull weeds from a disabled person’s lawn.

Giving could be more ephemeral, like smiling at a stranger. Giving someone your place in line at the check-out counter. Volunteering to help in any way. Letting traffic go by on a busy street.. A myriad of opportunities to give exist. Most of it does not necessitate money. All giving requires is a smidgen of awareness and a desire (even a miniscule desire) to give.


ALL of that giving goes directly into your Universal Bank Account. When you need something, that something will simply show up without muss or fuss, sometimes miraculously. It’s merely a withdrawal from your account, paid by the universe. So you can understand that you may want to keep filling up your account.


LACK OF GIVING — I have seen people who are in need yet nothing shows up, no miracles, just struggle. When I have examined their lives more closely, I see that they are not giving. Their Universal Bank Account is overdrawn.

So when someone in need asks me what he/she can do to improve his/her lot in life, I say GIVE! And give. And give. And give some more! When that person does so, his/her life turns around dramatically, mysteriously, magically, sometimes instantly. I have seen this many times and I haven’t seen it fail yet.

LACK OF RECEIVING — A popular saying from the Bible, Acts 20:35, is that “it is better to give than receive.” I disagree. One must do both. I have noticed people who are good at giving, but have difficulty receiving. When they need something, often nothing shows up — because they are not open to it. One must be able to give and receive, otherwise the cycle gets clogged and the Universal Bank Account system doesn’t operate properly.

When I am with a person who is having difficulty receiving whatever I am giving (a compliment, a present, or whatever) — I tell them “Just say thank you.” What a non-receiving person fails to understand is that to refuse to receive is an insult to the giver. If you are one of those non-receivers, just practice saying thank you. That’s all it takes.


IS THIS SPIRITUAL? — Several of my friends have questioned me on this theory, about whether it was “spiritual” or not. They’re worried I’m manipulating the universe.

Giving and receiving is the active universe. I simply notice and play its wonderful game. What I do is intrinsically spiritual. When people tithe at church, they expect it to be multiplied back to them.

DIVIDENDS — I’ve given much during my lifetime. Whenever someone wanted to repay a loan to me (who usually couldn’t) I told that person to “pay it forward” (I love that movie) — give that amount to someone else who needs it. In fact, I prefer it.

My reasoning is if a person is going to repay me, say, $100.00, I would rather the universe deposit it in my bank account. Because I’ll get a much BIGGER return than just $100.00. I’ll get what I actually need, which generally is much more than the original $100.00 I call that extra bonus — dividends.


When my partner Paul and I had a farm, I gave a lot of food away or sold it cheaply. Paul would complain I wasn’t charging enough. I told him it would come back to us — probably multiplied. Considering all the miracles we had on the farm, I would say I was correct.


excerpt from Cosmic Grandma Wisdom copyright 2017

and from Forgiveness equals Fortune to be published 2017 Liah Holtzman / Lauren O. Thyme

article originally published in April 24, 2012

Lauren O. Thyme is a spiritual and psychic counselor, healer, channel, lecturer, published writer and poet, professional astrologer, and spiritual pilgrim

images courtesy of pixabay

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