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The Awakening -- A Gift

When I experience a burst of spiritual awakening, as I’ve had the good fortune to experience a few times in my life, I notice my thoughts are like flickering kaleidoscopes of musing. Not important to gather up or focus on or study, they come and go like ice skaters on a smooth rink, twirling and zooming over the unbroken surface, with only tiny glistening shavings to mark where they have been. Then melt into nothingness.

As I shift into higher vibrations, a more harmonious consciousness, I realize thoughts don’t mean anything. My thoughts float like butterflies in the springtime sun, lovely and ephemeral, sipping nectar from fragrant flowers. Momentarily savoring the sweetness, then wafting away. Rather than thoughts, it’s feelings that move me to action or a gentle hammock-like swaying of contentment.

When I need to accomplish something, an urge arises like a soap bubble from the void, the field of all possibilities, the divine matrix. In that moment, I attend and the job is done quickly. Effortlessly.And then the accomplishment fades back into the void, to dissolve and later reassemble its particles into a different desire.

I don’t have to do anything when I’m in an awakened state. Neither fight nor flight—but simply float. I’m in a different perspective where life puts on new dresses and models its countless vistas. I’m interested and curious from the vantage point of happiness, peace, and joy. I vaguely remember how I used to make myself upset. Nothing is serious in that state of being.I laugh at most stories and dramas, not because I’m unkind but because I am joyful. The power of joy can and does change difficult situations because joy sees through a different set of eyes.

The Elders have told me recently that happiness is the greatest gift we can give the world.

I notice my own and others’ forgiveness as though an outbreak of unconditional love has mutated into a viral contagion. Ethics, too, have elbowed their way into human dialogue and action. No longer does might make right. Power is no longer to the fittest—but the finest.

Even writing is not important, only that I want to write. And enjoy.

It’s like strolling through a forest glade of the mind, filled with awe and delight at the words that appear to me. A juggler with her idea-balls.

Away from my former struggling nights, life is effortless and fun. All animosities melt like snowdrifts in a warm dawn,replaced by gratitude and a hug. Awakening exists in the now. No destination but the excitement of experiencing new levels of happiness and quiet creativity.

The gift is to feel ease, to dissolve burdens and concerns. To soar free like a red-tailed hawk on the thermal currents, above the earth yet still connected to it.

I fill whole notebooks with what I want. In an awakened state, I don’t want anything but what I have and what I am.

Peaceful. Happy. Content. I lick the chocolate ice-cream cone of life; its taste lingers on my tongue. I weep in joy. My heart explodes. Light surges everywhere in the cosmos with the Gift. I look forward to more.

Lauren O. Thyme

an excerpt from Cosmic Grandma Wisdom, copyright 2017

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