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Are you a Conduit?

Out of 7 billion people, there are approximately 5 million human beings on this planet right now who are Conduits. There is one Conduit for every 144,000 people — men, women, children, babies, old people, disabled people, dying people, those in comas — in every corner of the globe. When a human being dies or is born, there is an instant restructuring, so that every person remains shielded and serviced by a Conduit.

My Council of Elders first explained about Conduits around 1995, and told me that I was a Conduit. I believed Them, yet was skeptical at the same time. I needed, wanted proof. So far I have discovered no proof. Except what I experience in my own body.

I’ll start with some definitions of the meaning of conduit: Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary:

1) a natural or artificial channel through which something is conveyed; 2) fountain; 3) a pipe, tube or tile for protecting electric wires or cables; 4) a means of transmitting or distributing (such as payments or information).

The Elders extended their explanation into two further classifications.

A Conduit is a transformer (converter) and a transponder (a radar set which is tuned to a specific signal).

to Conduct: Act of leading from a position of command; escort; guide.

To act as a medium. To show the way. Conductor: capable of transmitting a form of energy.

Specifically what the Elders explain is that each Conduit receives inharmonious physical, mental and/or emotional energy from their own group of 144,000 individuals, then subsequently cleanses, filters and neutralizes that energy.

The energy next goes deep into the earth’s crystalline iron core, where it is transformed into positive energy, ultimately returning to the surface of the planet, to be utilized by earths’ inhabitants. Why not just send positive energy instead? They haven’t explained that to me.

The means of cleansing, filtering, and neutralizing must be done through a physical body. A Conduit requires a 3-dimensional body and looks like any other human being. The job of Conduit cannot be done by Ascended Masters, Angels, or ET’s — only ordinary, earthly human beings alive today.

A Conduit agrees to perform this job, and signs the contract, before conception. The job lasts continuously from birth until the last moment of life. A Conduit is a vitally important job for this planet. Without Conduits, I’m told, the earth would implode with negativity. You know how much negativity currently exists, even with the ongoing help of Conduits. Imagine what existence would be like without Conduits.

From what I understand, those 144,000 individuals can change when the need arises, such as an individual or group being more stressed at any given time. So my group of 144,000 can be different from day to day. Yet if there is a global crisis such as 9/11 all the people are very upset, which I can feel. Sometimes I may wake up in the morning and know some problem is afoot, just by how I feel, such as the day after the election of Donald Trump.

Furthermore, as I have contemplated my job I believe I am hooked up with people in my own time zone, which at the time of this writing is Mountain Time in the USA. This idea is based on the fact that often late at night I feel less energy coming through to me to deal with. Also I can tell what day of the week it is -- Sundays are generally quieter -- and holidays. Christmas is more restful than Fourth of July.

Speaking from my own experience, the job of Conduit is difficult, taxing, painful, emotionally and physically draining. I often feel what the consciousness of the planet is experiencing. I chose to be a Conduit because I have an immense love of our planet, all the people, plants, and animals that exist upon it, and wanted to make a tangible difference. I often regret my agreement, because quite frankly, it makes me sick. I’ve been sick my entire life, and the problems are only getting more intense. You’re probably saying to yourself right now: “She must be an idiot to have taken on this job.” I would agree with you. I don’t think I realized just HOW difficult and painful it would be to do this job. After all, I agreed to it while still in the spirit realm, without a body or emotions. At the moment of my birth, unpleasant sensations flooded through me and have been doing so ever since. Why am I sick? I think I’m sick so I can remain quiet and conduct energy more efficiently.

So being a Conduit does NOT make me feel special and I don’t feel egotistical. (Here! You do it!)

Furthermore, as we are now in 2012, with the culmination of the Mayan calendar of evolution, the energy is increasing exponentially, daily. In the last few months, my circadian rhythm is reversed; I’m up all night and sleep during the day. I also seem to sleep a lot. The Elders told me that both are to protect me from the ever-increasing energies.

The Elders tell me my job will get harder throughout this year. For example, today is May 1st and there are Occupy Movements, protests, and events happening globally. I am sicker than usual and feel really, really ANGRY! And hostile, and irritable, and cranky, and ranting. There’s nothing going on in my personal life. I must be absorbing anger from the planet (and my 144,000 dear people). I woke up like this!**

So I need to relax, do whatever I can to be at peace. The Elders tell me to do whatever makes me feel good in the moment, generally quiet activity Play games and surf the internet. Watch movies. Sleep. I don’t have to pay attention. The energy runs through my body 24/7, without having to consciously pay attention. I don’t have to know, nor do I consciously know how to cleanse and filter. That happens automatically. Thank goodness, or I might make a mess of it!—

I know 4 Conduits because of this article. I am putting out this message to find more of you who are doing the same Conduit job I am. We have become a Conduit Country Club. We can share our experiences with each other. We can remind each other that we’re not crazy or hypochondriacs or lazy bums. Rather we are doing a service to our planet. Indeed, it is this very crucial time that being a Conduit is of extreme importance.

For those of you who are NOT Conduits, let me tell you some secrets about your feelings. 1 – It isn’t necessarily your negativity – rather it’s your withholding of or denying your emotions — that are difficult for me to process. So feel your feelings all the way to the end. You’ll know when you’ve hit the end, because suddenly you won’t be feeling that feeling any more. It could take moments, days or longer to get to the end, but persist. 2 – The next worst thing is when you don’t let go of the emotion you are feeling. Relax and let the feeling run through you, without stopping it or holding on, as if it is water. Feelings, emotions, are just vibratory energy, although they seem very real. 3 – And the third worst thing is when you inflict your emotions on others – particularly anger, hate, and vengeance, which are the building blocks of conflict of all kinds (internal, familial, global); war; disease; and sometimes earth changes. You can process your emotions within yourself without abusing others. If need be, go for a walk in the woods (or a drive your car to a deserted mall) and scream. Hit a pillow. Cry. See a counselor. Talk to a trusted friend. Practice gratitude, forgiveness, surrender. Whatever it takes.

But … aren’t negative emotions bad? Nope. In fact, emotions are what we are here to learn about and evolve THROUGH on this planet

Negative behavior. What you do to another goes out into the universe like a sledgehammer (like greed and other negative behavior). What you do to yourself also goes out into the universe. Remember that — when you are treating yourself or someone else badly.

Negative thoughts, too, have consequences. Just ask me, and the other Conduits, and we’ll tell you! So when you have a negative thought, all you have to do is briefly notice it, then let it go. The thought isn’t real. It will disappear. If it doesn’t leave, you can always read my article FROM SUFFERING TO BLISS IN 2 EASY PARTS and apply the necessary actions to your thoughts.

The next time you suppress, hold onto, or inflict your emotions on others, behave or think negatively, remember me and the other 5 million Conduits trying to make your life better. We will do our jobs anyway. But we could use a little help from you. Thanks!

One more thing – because of the changes that are happening to human beings at this point in evolution, we are ALL beginning to experience each other’s emotions, behavior, and thoughts. You will experience those as your own, if you haven’t already. We are all connected as one and are beginning to wake up to that connection. Negativity hurts us all.

For those of you who ARE Conduits, the universe appreciates you and your work. I know this job can be thankless sometimes. I know you can feel inundated by stuff that isn’t even yours. But keep up the good work. I believe we are coming to the end of the need for our job. Perhaps also the Conduit goes both ways. Maybe we conduct energy, knowledge and wisdom to and from others. So we receive as well as give. I like that idea!

copyright Cosmic Grandma Wisdom, 2017

originally published in 5/1/2012

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