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You can choose to be happy, no matter what

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I have discovered all the things that we have been yearning for. It consists of three parts in order to have joy, peace and love —


Part 1 — Here I refer to the Mayan Calendar of Consciousness. The Mayans reported “the top of the pyramid” as happening on Oct. 28, 2011. On that date and forevermore we humans have ascended to the pinnacle of consciousness. It’s called Conscious Co-Creation. That means we humans have now taken on the ability to consciously co-create with god, with the universe, to be as gods.

Part 2 — The second part is that the Mind is no longer our ally. The main thing standing in our way of true peace and happiness is the Mind. (Shree Bhaghavan from Oneness Blessing says: “The mind is not mine. There are thoughts but no thinkers.”)

Part 3 — The final part is simply to be happy for everything on this planet, in myself, in yourself, no matter what it looks like to our mind. Be happy — positive, loving, forgiving, and grateful — no matter what.


The Mind might see the Cabal or Illuminati or Bankers and say “Bad Cabal. Bad Illuminati. Bad Bankers. The Cabal, the Illuminati, the Bankers have done / is doing bad things to me and the planet.” And the mind will FOCUS on scientific, logical, even religious reasons, images, beliefs, facts to point to and say, “See. I’m right.” The mind will go around and around in an endless loop of reasons, like a dog chasing its tail, creating proof, but not changing anything, while more of the same “bad” continues to be created.

The Mind might see the other political party and say, “Bad Party. Party has done / is doing bad things to me and the planet.” And the mind FOCUSES on … etc, etc.

The Mind might see the rapist, the murderer, the criminal, the child molester, and say “Bad. This person has done / is doing bad things to me and the planet.” And the mind FOCUSES on … etc.

The Mind might see severe weather, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, oil or gas drilling, environmental degradation, deforestation, solar flares, reptilian ET’s, or whatever, and say “Bad. This has done / is doing bad things to me and the planet.” And the mind FOCUSES on … etc.


Now that we are Conscious Co-creators, the Mind can be dangerous to our health and well-being. The Mind has become our “Frankenstein’s Monster.”

We have outgrown the Mind. We can (and do) create anything. What gets created is what one focuses on. If one focuses on “bad,” the “bad” gets all the creative energy of the universe, and so more of the same is created.


However, if one focuses on positive – happiness, love, peace, harmony, forgiveness, gratitude, healing, etc. – then the positive gets all the creative juice, and so creates more of the same. Those same positive attributes then lead to positive solutions. This has always been true, but now it is true on a scale unparalleled in human history. Power that has been applied by the universe, starting with the Big Bang, is the power that is now gifted to human beings to utilize.


The Mind has difficulty in coming up with scientific, logical, religious reasons, images, beliefs, or facts to point to about “positive” and say, “See. I’m right.” Because the positive often doesn’t make sense to the Mind. Positive attributes can be too ephemeral. No facts yet exist for the Mind to hook onto; the positive is not solid or manifested yet. The positive may actually be “counter-intuitive” to the mind.


For example, if I am molested by my father, and I practice, “I’m happy although he molested me. I’m grateful although he molested me. I forgive him for molesting me,” the mind may refuse to listen, tell me I’m lying or crazy, turn away, dismissing me. BUT, if I AM happy (even if I’m just “willing” to be happy) though I’ve been molested, I’m still happy. I’m happy as long as I’m happy. I can choose to be happy, no matter what. And then – because I am now a Conscious Co-Creator – happiness becomes my reality. (I’ve tried it and it really works!) The molestation no longer has the energy or impact to continue to hurt me as it once did; it was me continuing to hurt me through my thoughts. I am released from bondage to create a new, happier world for myself. My on-going suffering isn’t necessarily based on what happens to me — but how I continue to think about it.

Another example: If a person is a Liberal and focuses on what the Conservatives are doing and call it bad, judge it, focus on it, obsess on it, have demonstrations about it, get angry and rant, the Liberal is actually helping to create more of the Conservative agenda. That means that the Conservative agenda gets twice the energy – both from itself and from the Liberal party. The way out for the Liberal is to exclusively focus on what he/she wants – and at the same time love, forgive, be grateful, be happy about the Conservatives. And then – because the Liberal (– and the Conservatives too, don’t forget –) is a Conscious Co-Creator – the positive solidifies and expands, the Liberal creates more of what is wanted in liberal solutions. (The Conservatives can do this in the same way.) The trick is that the Liberal must include the positive (love, forgiveness, gratitude, happiness) in order to make the essential shift to Enlightenment and Awakening, peace and harmony.

I have been hearing about “greedy bankers” or “greedy power brokers” over the last few years. Once I shift my attention from greedy, everything changes. (I had an epiphany about bankers and power brokers the other day, and now I’m loving them – as people, as my family of souls on this planet. They can’t stop wanting more and neither can most of us.)

“Greed” is in the collective consciousness at the moment, which is what can be changed. If I am a wealthy and powerful person, I want more money, possessions, and power. If I am a middle-class person, I want more money, possessions, and personal power. But money, possessions, and power are not what our consciousness is about anymore.


How much is enough? When does one become content with what one has? If one is happy and content, then one can be satisfied with what one has, no matter how much or how little. Are you beginning to see that we are all creating a reality together on this planet? Much of what we have been creating for awhile is not for the health of humans, nature, animals, and the planet. We’ve been creating more of what we don’t want, because that’s what we’ve been focusing on. (I use “we” in the broad sense.)


Since Oct. 28, 2011, we have been given the power to create a fabulous reality for everyone, starting with each of us doing our own work, becoming the best “me” each of us can be. It’s not a matter of lecturing to “those out there” to fix the problems — but working with “me in here.” As Gandhi said so eloquently, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” He meant it literally.


The ability for us to co-create is happening for the first time in history on a grand planetary scale. This is truly a time of ascension, freedom, and creation. We can take ourselves to heaven on earth NOW. We can choose it NOW.

We can choose to be happy, no matter what.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Lauren O. Thyme

originally published July 16, 2012

excerpt from Cosmic Grandma Wisdom, copyright 2017 by Lauren O. Thyme

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