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Sacred Sites Today (excerpt THE LEMURIAN WAY, REMEMBERING YOUR ESSENTIAL NATURE 2nd edition 2017

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

We [Lemurians] discovered an extremely easy way to practice Universal Wisdom and to align with Universal Law. We created sacred sites, our Gold Light Temples.

Energy Grids and Energy Stations

As we discussed in Part I, we created our communities along energy grids. Our Light Temples were located on these energy grids, in vortices or energy stations. Each energy vortex had its own individual operation and purpose. These energy stations were powerful vibrational placements connected to Earth energy as well as linked to the cosmos. The Earth body, the physical body, and the universal body are aligned and united at energy vortices, bringing regeneration and strength to all. Vortices were also connected to Infinite Time.

Lemurian Light Temples

Our Light Temples were configured using higher mathematics and a knowledge of higher dimensions and constructed on these energy vortices by Gold Light, thought, and intention. We then used group synergy to increase the vibrational impact of Light Temples and to further align them with Universal Laws, Universal Wisdom, and Creator Source. Crystals were included at Light Temples because of their ability to increase, transmit, and receive energy.

Consequently, our Light Temples were "schoolhouses" of the universe. We used them to learn and understand Universal Law and how to implement Universal Wisdom. We intuited our alignment with the universal jigsaw puzzle. Light Temples regenerated our physical bodies and sustained Mother Earth. Light Temples were connected to Infinite Time (or timelessness) and information of past and present "time" could thus filter through. Later in human evolution other civilizations created oracles at energy vortices, such as the one at Delphi. Messages could be transmitted even more powerfully at Light Temples, because of the vast energy oscillating there. Because Light Temples (at these energy vortices) were attached to many dimensions simultaneously, we could travel in our light bodies and communicate telepathically to other dimensions, galaxies, the spirit realm, as well as other Light Temples.

Sacred Sites Today

Lemurian knowledge was duplicated by many civilizations, particularly the Atlanteans (which was passed on to their colonies), especially during their retreat from their own submerging continent. Their sacred sites were created with esoteric Lemurian objectives in mind. Sacred sites around the world are a combination of many elements first known and practiced in Lemuria. This knowledge lasted for millennia, and all the sacred sites of today were created and positioned accordingly. The Pyramids of Egypt and Mexico, and other ancient sites such as Stonehenge, Avebury, Callanish Stone Circle, and countless others, are built using memories (similar to Rupert Sheldrake’s theory of morphic fields) of the Earth's grids and energy centers, sacred geometry, along with the knowledge of how to create and activate their own sacred sites. The power of crystals and how to use them was also incorporated. Since they couldn't replicate energy in light the way we did, these subsequent civilizations put information in rock and stone. This information is available to any who visit these places by touching the stones and also using sound to open the corridors in the stone's vibrational body.

Thus, Lemurian know-how is in action to some degree at all sites today. Unfortunately, over many millennia, understanding of this mystical knowledge has been lost and is only recently is being rediscovered. Special locations exist where the geophysical environment can most easily enable individuals to experience altered states of consciousness. These include rocks with a high proportion of quartz crystal, zones where natural radioactivity is strong, or places which have specific magnetic peculiarities.

Circles and spirals were part of our sacred symbolism. These kinds of symbols are found in sacred sites around the world carved in stone, such as at Carnac in France, standing stones in Scotland, and the Mouraki boulders in New Zealand. We Lemurians also understood and utilized the vibrations of sun, moon, planets, stars, and galaxies and used this knowledge for creating our Light Temples. Robert Bauval has discovered that the complex of Pyramids in Giza are built in the pattern of Orion's belt, including Sirius and other stars. There are upward shafts leading diagonally from the King's and Queen's chambers, each of which is directed towards a specific star. Did the Egyptians believe they were creating a pathway for the King and Queen to "return home," much as we did when we traveled from our Light Temples to other galaxies? We Lemurians created longevity of our physical bodies utilizing our Light Temples, perhaps even appearing immortal to outsiders. Were Egyptian pyramids designed with Lemurian immortality in mind for pharaohs and their queens?

Consequently, sacred sites are both innately powerful as well as implanted with vibratory information intended to be passed on to all who visit. All sacred sites exist today with their vibrational impact unaltered, transforming, increasing, transmitting, and receiving energy and information. The impact of this is accumulative after visiting many sites.

There are numerous merits to visiting sacred sites which: • Activate cellular memories • Enhance soul memories and Universal Wisdom • Transform energy like a shower of energy and light • Activate psychic and intuitive abilities • Treat emotional, mental, and physical problems • Accelerate personal, group, and global evolution • Transform personal, group, and global karma • Regenerate, re-create, and revitalize the physical body, including DNA, the pineal gland and other glands • Connect with other sites and people around the globe, through the interlinking of energy grids and energy stations, creating oneness.

Visiting sacred sites enhances the Universal Law of Connection. Each site links up with other people who have been there and to other sacred sites. Sacred sites connect to the universe as a whole, to stars, planets, time, and other dimensions as well. Tour groups visit sacred sites today in ever-increasing numbers. The proprietors of many tour groups who exclusively visit sacred sites are spiritually-awakened souls who desire to bring others to sacred sites to experience the energy and wisdom there. They have studied mystical information on each site they visit, bringing the information to the participants. Sacred tour owners know the value of meditation and ritual, thus they provide many opportunities for participants to meditate and practice ancient rituals at these powerful sites.

Why travel with tour groups?

Along with the knowledge that the tour group leaders possess, they understand the value of synergy, something which we Lemurians held dear. Synergy exponentially expands the energy and action of a site for the entire group of participants.

Why now?

Many spiritual seekers sense an urgency, a desire to learn quickly. This is due to the acceleration of energy on the planet and the shift upwards in Earthly consciousness. Experiences at sacred sites can effect spiritual growth and healing in minutes that it might ordinarily take months or years to accomplish.

Sacred sites require energy to remain fully functioning instructional temples. When a sacred site is respected and honored, it further activates that site. To visit these places with respect, honor, and joy increases the output of energy and, through connection to Universal Wisdom, stimulates a desire for harmony with the Earth and Earth inhabitants.

Although famous sites like those mentioned above attract large groups of people, less famous ones also contain tremendous power. Each sacred site is situated on a different grid and/ or energy center. Therefore, the vibration is unique at each site, while affecting each person individually. Some sacred sites may be more powerful for one individual than another. Even though energy from a sacred site may not be apparent at the time, energy gets transmitted anyway. Often people experience transformational changes much later after a return home. Sacred sites are being lit up with increasingly intense waves of Gold Light. This is being done intentionally, to help the evolution of human consciousness on the planet. Gold Light, as we have mentioned before, is the light of transformation. Therefore, when participants visit sacred sites, they are being bombarded with the Light from Creator Source. Their lives, and the lives of all others they are attached to, are transforming as a result. They are learning Universal Laws and developing and enhancing their psychic and spiritual tendencies. In short, visiting sacred sites is healing to individuals while transforming the planet.

Lauren O. Thyme © 2017 excerpt from THE LEMURIAN WAY, REMEMBERING YOUR ESSENTIAL NATURE, 2nd Edition

Lauren O. Thyme is a spiritual and psychic counselor, healer, channel, lecturer, published writer and poet, professional astrologer, and spiritual pilgrim.


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