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Updated: Jan 24, 2021

Contacting a person who has passed away is a simple procedure.

There is nothing to be frightened of. If the loved one didn’t frighten you in earthly life, then he or she will not frighten you when visiting from beyond. If anything, that person may feel loving and peaceful, even angelic.

If the person died without a positive closure between you or even anger or hatred, this could be a good way to change the relationship to a positive note.

If the person you wish to contact has passed on within the previous day or two, this is probably not a good time. Often newly-deceased persons are confused, overwhelmed, and want to be reassured that someone can see them, hear them, still love them. Sometimes they are not available as they may be in a recuperative state on the other side, especially if they were heavily medicated, in pain, or agitated before passing, like from an accident.

I am talking about contacting a loved one who has been gone for a longer duration than a few days.

Here are is a general list of directions you can follow:

Make yourself comfortable in your favorite place to sit. To help, you can get out a photograph of the deceased person and place it next to you.

Indoors is preferable. Laying down is not a good idea as you might fall asleep. Give yourself adequate time to make sure you will not be interrupted. Turn off TV, radio, computer, and/or cell phones. Have paper and something to write with handy, to take notes.

Close your eyes to block out external distractions.

Imagine a brilliant gold light surrounding you and above you. Gold light is peaceful and transformative.

Slowly take a deep breath, and slowly exhale. Do this 3-4 times for relaxation.

Ask angels, your higher self, the creator, a saint, or whatever your belief system is to connect with you. Feel a deepening of peace and well-being.

Ask this higher being if it is okay to bring your loved you to you to communicate with you. Wait for an answer, which may come as a vision, a feeling, words, a scent or taste. Trust whatever you get – yes or no.

If NO, you are done for the time being. Thank the higher being for helping you today, open your eyes, and go about your day.

If YES, you may continue. Thank the higher being for helping you today.

Slowly take one or two deep breaths.

Then say your loved one’s full name out loud like this for example -- Sarah Marie Smith. Say the name two or more times out loud. Take a deep breath and relax.

You will then experience a sensation which could be any of the following: A feeling of love in your heart area. A cool breeze blowing around you. A warm feeling. Goosebumps or your hair may stand on end. The smell of tobacco (if the person smoked). The smell of the person’s perfume or aftershave. The smell of flowers. A quickening of your heartrate -- because of the shift in energy. A deeper relaxation. Excitement. (A taste (like chocolate or strawberries). Or some other experience.

Out loud greet the person by first name such as “Hello, Sarah. Thank you for being here with me.”

Some other sensations may occur at this time.

Smile as if the person is in the room with you.

Ask: “Is there something you would like to say to me?” Wait for an answer or a message of some kind. You can open your eyes temporarily and write down notes of what you hear, see, or sense if you wish.

“Thank you, Sarah.” Say out loud something affectionate to the person such as “I’m glad you’re here. I love you. I miss you,” or whatever seems appropriate to say. Wait for an answer which may come in any form as above. You can open your eyes and jot down notes, then close your eyes again.

Continue with the conversation out loud. Ask any questions that you want and listen for answers, which can come in any form – pictures, feelings, words, smells, and/or tastes.

Inquire from the loved one any specific questions you have for him or her and “listen” for the answers. You can open your eyes and jot down notes at any time. Do not be concerned if you cannot “see” the loved one. “Seeing” is not necessary unless it occurs of its own accord.

The conversation may seem odd, talking to and listening to what appears to be empty air. But understand that even if you feel as though you are making it up, it is all real, contrary to what your logical mind may think.

The conversation and contact may be long or short. There is no correct length of time. If you find yourself getting tired or the contact seems to be fading, it is probably a good idea to end the session.

At that point, thank your loved one for showing up. “Thank you for being with me, Sarah.” Say any further affections. “Remember I will always love you” or whatever you feel is appropriate. “Good bye.”

You may feel sadness, even cry. You may feel relief. You may feel more relaxed. You may feel more loving than usual.

Allow the contact to end as if you are closing a door. Take a slow deep breath and exhale. Take another slow deep breath and exhale.

Feel your feet on the floor. Feel your hands on your chair or place them on your thighs. You may feel a little light headed or even disoriented. That is normal.

Slowly open your eyes. Thank the higher being for your experience today. Write down any further notes you want to remember.

Thank yourself.

Lauren O. Thyme Copyright 9/24/2018

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