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Along the Nile Lauren O. Thyme Lauren Thyme
“Lauren Thyme is obviously a person who knows her ancient Egypt profoundly. Her writing gives an almost hallucinatory impression of being there. ALONG THE NILE is far and away the best novel about Ancient Egypt I have ever read.”  --- Colin Wilson, author of over 100 books including THE OUTSIDER; FROM ATLANTIS TO THE SPHINX; and THE OCCULT, 2 plays and hundreds of articles.  (I'm privileged to have known Colin.)

ALONG THE NILE, a novel by Lauren O. Thyme, elegantly weaves pre-dynastic Egyptian history together with action, romance, and mysticism.  Although the first recorded Egyptian Pharaoh Narmer, unifier of Upper and Lower Egypt, is known only from the Narmer Palette (now enshrined in the Cairo Museum), King Narmer emerges fully fleshed in this novel.  Told by Heb, Pharaoh’s servant, the many facets of Ancient Egypt come to life in a narrative you’ll eagerly devour to the last line!  Heb’s story is at once an adventure story set alongside the mighty river’s bank and a love story of passion, loss, and spiritual regeneration.



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ALONG THE NILE is an historical novel, including exotic settings, magickal and spiritual practices, a love story, passion, intrigue and war, based around the creation of a unified Egypt.  The novel is set in pre-dynastic Egypt circa 3200 BC.  The various locales in the book are Abydos Palace and Abydos Temple, Dendera Temple, Luxor and Nekken.  Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) words are employed liberally, with a glossary attached.  Two appendices are also a part of this book, discussing ancient Egyptian religious mysteries, gods and goddesses, history, archaeology, magick, warfare, Pharaoh Narmer, and the river Nile.  The author researched the book for ten years.


Greetings Lauren! Thank you for accepting me as a friend on Facebook. I read your book "Along the Nile" after coming back from a 2 week spiritual writer's pilgrimage to Egypt. I recommend it. especially anyone who is devoted to the Goddess Hathor.  May this Goddess of love, beauty & intoxication continue to bless all of your works.  -- Donna Swindells  April 2017

Avoiding the devices of sensationalistic Egyptian novels which seem more modern than ancient, more Hollywood than authentic, ALONG THE NILE breathes with accuracy of a time period never before explored in any other novel.  Researched with faithful precision, ALONG THE NILE is a must-read for anyone who has ever been fascinated by ancient Egypt.

Lauren O. Thyme
Lauren O. Thyme Lauren Thyme priestess Hathor Dendera Sekhmet Anubis spiritual metaphysical ancient Egypt

The author’s three prolonged stays in Egypt resulted in a life-changing, transformative experience, leading to further extensive investigation, knowledge and a personal relationship with the goddesses Hathor and Sekhmet.  The narrative reflects her intimate explorations of Egypt’s archaeological sites, especially the religious center at Dendera Temple, and her study of and participation in ancient Egyptian rites and traditions.  Lauren visited extensively throughout Egypt and experienced life-changing experiences while there.  She was ordained as a Priestess of Hathor through the Fellowship of Isis and continued her studies in the ancient Egyptian Mystery School.

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