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A do-it-yourself handbook for exploring past lives and healing your present life

Non-fiction; self-help


Excerpt from Traveling on the River of Time, Chapter 1


Loosely put, I use the term to describe other earthly experiences one has had in addition to one’s current lifetime.  Those experiences have occurred in varying epochs, countries, cultures, and races, and includes one’s soul experiencing both sexes in other lifetimes.

Do you have to believe in past lives or reincarnation to gain benefit from my method? 

No, you don’t.

Why is it important to be concerned with past lives? 


Because unhealed, unexplored past lives, especially difficult ones, can shape your current life, affecting your relationships, health, finances, as well as mental and emotional states.

Time is not linear. 

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All lives, including one’s current life, are happening in present time, what Eckhardt Tolle calls the “Now.”  Although I use the term past lives, all thoughts, actions, behaviors, and feelings are occurring in present time.  In fact, according to quantum physicists, string theorists, metaphysicians, and spiritual teachers, time is different than what we have believed and understood. 

One’s current life can transform and improve when one works on healing problems and issues from those past lives. 


Past life traumas from another lifetime can be experienced and released, which then alters and enhances one’s current lifetime.     



Furthermore, your past lives can/will also change when you work on yourself in your current lifetime self through conscious activities such as meditation, bodywork, prayer, and positive changes in thought and behavior -- especially forgiveness and compassion.   In other words because all lifetimes are operating in the now, lifetimes are fluid and interchangeable, and can be transformed purposefully.

At some point in its evolution the soul makes a decision to reverse or balance those erroneous assumptions, as well as to experience challenging issues relating to key individuals.  Many times taking on the issues and deciding to upgrade one’s soul results in tackling difficult lessons in one lifetime, analogous to going to a university to learn advanced curriculums.  Thus the soul waits for an appropriate lifetime in which to work out a particular problem or problematic relationship. 

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