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Delphi and the Greek Warrior



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The novel DELPHI and THE GREEK WARRIOR is an extraordinary composite of accurate Greek history with little-known particulars of a tiny group of revered women known as Oracles of Delphi.

Lauren examines the plight of ancient women not uncommon to modern feminine issues as she portrays Lady Selene, a heroine we can celebrate in today’s world, whose mother and grandmother were Delphic Oracles.

Lauren started remembering her past lives when she was 5. She's now 73 and remembers more than 106 lifetimes in great detail. Often she would meet people that she had a significant relationship with in one or more past lives and we would continue on in this life. Always her spiritual goal was to “finish” – difficult karma, relationships, and problems to grow, learn, evolve and be at peace.

When she visited Delphi Temple in 1998 with a group of friends, she remembered a lifetime there and found a location where she lived. In that ancient time she resided in a cave on the Temple hillside, living a simple life, providing information and counseling for pilgrims, something she has provided all her adult life as Lauren.

"In 2014 I met a man who was destined to be my partner for 3 ½ years and was part of a Greek lifetime as well. When he and I had a difficult split-up in 2018, I decided to write DELPHI AND THE GREEK WARRIOR, to assuage the loss and to see if I could gain wisdom and solace from writing "our" story. DELPHI is a fictional rendition of that long-ago life coupled with the modern one.

Often when I write fiction, the story and characters take on a life of their own. DELPHI was no different. I didn’t realize that the heroine of my story would turn out to be an educated, intelligent, feminine activist, a topic fitting for modern times.


I extensively researched Greek history, customs, relationships, war and the general milieu then inserted it as appropriate into the story."

I hope you enjoy it.  With blessings     Lauren

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My Greek Warrior

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