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Cosmic Grandma Wisdom Lauren O. Thyme Lauren Thyme


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Non-fiction, self-help

Cosmic Grandma Wisdom is a compilation of 33 spiritual and metaphysical essays written by Lauren O. Thyme.

Cosmic Grandma Wisdom is enriching, enlivening, and thought-provoking, with appealing reflections on metaphysical, spiritual existence and how to positively re-frame one’s views on modern life.  

Included in Cosmic Grandma Wisdom are:


  • “There’s no one to blame for our problems”

  • “Tea with Bin Laden”

  • “Battle of Beliefs”

  • “What on Earth is the Sun Doing to us?”

  • “The Universal Bank Account”

  • “Everything is Perfect no Matter what it Looks like”

  • "Knowledge is Power - Except when it Isn't"

  • "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Enlightenment"

  • "Battle of Beliefs"

  • "How to Easily Get What you Want..."

  • "A New Theory of Crop Circles"

  • "Are you a Conduit?"

  • "Gratitude"

  • "In a Coma with Ginny"

  • “The importance of psychic/spiritual discernment,” and many others

  • including her provocative “Lauren’s Laws"

  • along with stories of mind-boggling personal encounters

Lauren has devoted her life to spiritual seeking, being of service to others, working towards her own growth and evolution, and “paying attention.”
Ambur Rockell West author, singer, songwriter, artist Cosmic Grandma Wisdom
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Lauren’s beloved granddaughter Ambur Rockell West, a singer, songwriter, author, and artist, gave the book Cosmic Grandma Wisdom its endearing title and original cover.

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