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Poems of Life, Sex, & Transformation

FROM THE DEPTHS OF THYME is based on Lauren O. Thyme's diverse, challenging, and cosmic experiences throughout her long life. She is mystically and spiritually inclined, a deep thinker, with a hilarious sense of humor and a compassionate, loving nature.



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"Poetry speaks for me when I cannot easily or thoroughly articulate what I’m feeling and experiencing. Thus my poetry emerges from the depths of me, where symbols, metaphors, and emotions surge and become words."

"My life journeys include being a psychic counselor, spiritual seeker, abused child, recovering adult, love relationships gained and lost, a political and ecological activist, philosopher, astrologer, author, and disabled person who miraculously healed after forty years, mother, grandmother, organic gardener, permaculture farmer, world traveler to sacred sites and senior citizen."


"My poems are intense, sometimes painful to read, but writing them have helped me through numerous challenges.  Maybe they will help you,  too.  You are not alone in your suffering."

                  IN THE BEGINNING


In the beginning before beginnings was the void.

Out of the void came the Light.

The Light was called Love and it was good.

All things come from the Light,

and will return to the Light,

and can bask in the Light.

Light is Love, and Love is all-illuminating.

So let us start upon the road to realizing WE are the Light.   1971

​​FROM THE DEPTHS OF THYME is divided into eight categories:
Passion and love
Relationship challenges
12 step issues
Humor and satire
Political commentary
Death, grief and loss
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