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Twin Souls, A Karmic Love Story Lauren O. Thyme

The first 9 chapters of this book are set in ancient Egypt at the Temple of Hathor at Dendera while the rest of the book takes place in modern time.

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Twin Souls: A Karmic Love Story is a partly fictional/partly biographical account of a man and a woman who are bonded through time as twin souls and return to learn and grow together.

Twin Souls, A Karmic Love Story --- sizzles and crackles, the story replete with twists and turns, sudden disappointments and heart-throbbing homecomings.

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The experience of deep, passionate, and romantic love is unlike anything ever experienced with anyone else. At their first meeting, Twin Souls experience instant recognition along with a feeling of unfathomable oneness. They have a sense of coming “home” immediately. A raw, primal, intense passion, sexuality, and sensuality exists for and with each other.


Twin souls often find themselves compulsively and obsessively drawn to each other, sexually, emotionally, physically, and psychically. 


The notion of Twin Souls is a metaphysical, spiritual concept which defines a unique relationship between two souls. Eons ago a soul split in half and the two pieces then experienced separate lifetimes on Earth, always looking for and yearning for the other half. “…when one of them meets the other half, the actual half of himself, the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy and one will not be out of the other’s sight even for a moment.” —Plato 


An archetypal depth and breadth of romantic interaction ensues. The reunion of twin souls is rare. Twin souls, unlike soul mates, seldom incarnate together until they are ready to finish their lifetimes on earth. They join together to help each other finish their ascension into the spirit realm.

Do you yearn for your twin soul?

Can you feel your twin soul reaching out to you from time and space?

Have you met your twin soul?


"Wow. Oh wow! It's hot!!" reports Dana Chwan, author of Reluctant Sorority and Viet Nam veteran widow. 

"I couldn't put it down and finished it in one night," says Sue Stein, author of Amuck, Tales from a Hobby Farm, website designer and editor.

"I received the book this week (I sent Kathy a complimentary copy of Twin Souls), and I appreciate your giving me credits in the book as promised.  Thank you Lauren. You are very talented.  I am impressed with your writing skills, and I can relate to so many things in your book, as I am an "Unshielded Empath" and have been this way since childhood.  I used to go to Mind Body Spirit Festivals throughout the country and sell my angel art prints and cards.I am enjoying reading the book.  It's the last thing I do at night before bed, so I have beautiful dreams. The cover did turn out amazing. I am honored to have been part of your book.  It's a real privilege.  Thanks again."  


Kathy Fornal, artist and photographer, creator of the cover of Twin Souls, a karmic love story

"As I was reading it, I could feel my Twin Soul," comments Vandya Hopkins, spiritual and psychic healer.  "Twin Souls is Great!  The author's energy seemed to jump off the page into my awareness as if I was living her story. A most wonderful and amazing tale written with clarity and sincerity. I loved Twin Souls."


Thank you so much for sending me your book TWIN SOULS and for signing it too!  I read it in one sitting, and I just could not put it down!  It was delightful!  


It reminded me so much of my own life.  I have a been in a 45 year relationship with a man that I have known since I was just four years old.  Our mother's were best friends so we have known each other throughout our entire childhoods and became high school sweethearts.  However, we never married each other.  I asked him to marry me when I was 19, but he said he was too young to wed.  So I cut him loose and found someone else (10 yrs), and then someone again (31 yrs).  And just like in your book we became life-long lovers, over the next 40+ years.  Never being free or unmarried at the same time. We could never stop loving each other, and our chemistry is off the charts. 


 We are now in our early 60's and I've had 3 psychics tell me over the past year that I will be getting together with my "twin flame/soul mate" in 2024.  I hope after 40+ years we don't end up as in your book - incompatible and unhappy. I'll go jump off a bridge! lol  


Thank you again so very much for your book, I enjoyed reading it very much!   All the best,


Laurie Haas

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