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             Twin Souls,

            a karmic love story


The first 9 chapters of Twin Souls are set in ancient Egypt at the Temple of Hathor at Dendera and the Temple of Sobek at Kom-Ombo while the rest of the book takes place in modern times.

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    excerpt from Twin Souls, A Karmic Love Story

... My second tier of lessons with my Sister Priestess, amazingly enough after practicing silence, were word games. Not ordinary words, but those having to do with every part of the physical anatomy, both male and female. I practiced with two life-size drawings on papyrus, one of a man and the other a woman. I was taught to point to a spot, then use the sacred word to name it, avoiding all mention of slang.  The common jargon, I was told, insulted Hathor.      

Therefore, I learned only the appropriate, official word for each feature.


I concentrated initially on the nude female body, until I was able to name each part with its appropriate word without mistake. Then I followed suit with the portrait of a naked man, blushing at the features I was not personally acquainted with, but would soon learn.


Thus I was able to observe, name out loud, and touch with my fingertip each place of human anatomy, serenely, without laughing or embarrassment, until each sacred word and contact became effortless and second-nature.

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The next phase was to practice and memorize  litanies relating to Hathor of various lengths, praising Her and invoking Her presence. A Priestess in the Temple had learned these as well and spoke them during rituals and rites. However, for me, speaking these invocations was meant to be highly personal, as I was Hathor’s stand-in during a particular sacred healing ritual. Only the man and I would hear my invocations, whispered softly, rather than loudly enough for an entire Temple congregation to overhear.


The fourth phase in my preparation was to incorporate all of the previous steps. Dressing. Standing. Feeling the energy course through me in silence. Touching and speaking to a human form. Invoking Hathor.


Willful and stubborn as I was, I applied those strengths to learning. Within a comparatively short time, according to my Sister, I was able to combine all the steps smoothly and gracefully.

“You have done well. Let us take a few days to relax and celebrate.” She smiled and hugged me to her.


I was more than happy to comply. She had been relentless in my schooling and I could use some rest. However, my respite was cut short. The next day my sister visited me in my small chamber. I had been playing with my amber bracelet when she arrived.


“I have been informed that you are to face the first test in your new role.”    

“What!? Why?” I was perplexed and suddenly irritated. “I’m not ready yet, am I?”


“Those in authority believe you are ready.”  She grimaced. “My dearest, I am not allowed, nor are you, to question these decisions. Have I not taught you obedience and silence?”


“Yes, but…”


She cleared her throat and gave me a look to silence all my demands. “No. We will speak no further of this.” Her word was final.


“May I ask when?” I tried to summon up humility I didn’t feel.


“Tomorrow,” was her curt reply.


“Tomorrow?! That’s too soon. Who is it to be?” I persisted. “Who is he?”


“It does not matter. I can tell you he is a man of high rank.”


I exhaled loudly.


“You must promise me to do all I have taught you. In good humor,” she added.


I pursed my lips and pouted.


Henite ignored my protests. “Go take your supper… . in silence.  Then rest.”  She moved quickly to her chamber, leaving me behind.  I didn’t know that Henite was as angry as me. My education as a Priestess had been cut critically short, over her many protestations.


The wheel of karma was beginning to turn and no one could stop its spinning out of control....

Twin Souls, A Karmic Love Story

copyright 2017  Lauren O. Thyme

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