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Strangers in Paradise Lauren O. Thyme
A novel of forgiveness, reincarnation, healing, and
sacred sites known as "heiau" set in lush, exotic Kauai, Hawaii


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Why do we sometimes meet someone and immediately feel rapport—“instant friends”—as though we are reuniting after a long absence? Are we strongly drawn towards some people, yet repelled by others, without any logical reason? 

Why do we enjoy some places we travel to, feeling remarkably at home, or the area is fondly familiar in some inexplicable way? Or do we feel uncomfortable in other locales and can hardly wait to leave?


Could we be re-experiencing deeply buried memories from long ago? Are we tapping into past life experiences?

Is unfinished business bringing us together with individuals we loved or hated, to balance the past?

If so, how do we balance those karmic scales to achieve peace and harmony?


Strangers in Paradise introduces friends and lovers into cosmic meetings, while karmic relationships are set into motion, moving to rhythms beyond their control. How the characters interact and attempt to resolve their differences and to learn to forgive is the theme of this spiritual, healing, and romantic novel.

Strangers in Paradise was inspired by the author’s spiritual experience at a sacred site on the island of Kauai, the first such experience she had. She subsequently spent many years traveling to and writing about other sacred sites, including those in Egypt, England, Scotland, Malta, France, Italy, and USA.


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