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Liah Holtzman and Lauren O. Thyme

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Never before has forgiving been so appealing, practical and user-friendly. Never before has the relationship between forgiveness and abundance been so clearly demonstrated.
Never before has the healing power of forgiveness been so accessible. Reading the Forgiveness equals Fortune book is a life-changing experience! You will discover: how to forgive yourself and others; how to ask for forgiveness; how to understand emotions; how to find compassion; how to see other perspectives; how to clear blocks to money; how to receive good fortune.
Based on Liah Holtzman’s successful Forgiveness equals Fortune method, this workbook is filled with valuable exercises designed to empower life, relationships, work and abundance. Liah’s approach to forgiveness is simple and clear, fun to read and easy to put into practice. Her matter-of-fact, witty wisdom will gently lead you through the process of clearing negative thoughts, emotions and patterns in your life.
Immerse yourself in an adventure of forgiving as Liah and Lauren show you how and why forgiveness does equal fortune.

"The Forgiveness equals Fortune book was a quick read. It delivered exactly what it claimed it would. The book was well researched as evidenced by the many quotes from other sources. The author made the somewhat heavy topic of forgiveness simple and light-hearted."

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