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Non-fiction, self-help

Catherine, Karma, and Complex PTSD


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Catherine, Karma and Complex PTSD


Catherine, a sexual perpetrator, was Lauren O. Thyme’s worst past life.  Karma was then brought forward from Catherine’s life to present time in the form of sexual abuse from multiple perpetrators, along with abandonment, resulting in lifelong complex PTSD for Lauren. 

The terror and horror that Lauren has experienced from toddlerhood through today is almost beyond imagination.  Catherine, Karma, and Complex PTSD is Lauren O. Thyme’s disturbing, yet captivating exploration, one of millions or even billions of tenacious and dauntless unsung heroines and heroes.

An important question is:  How does one heal these difficulties?  Lauren endeavors to share her experience, strength, and hope as inspiration for those who are still suffering from incest, sexual abuse, and parental abandonment.  You might recognize yourself, a loved one, or a client/patient in her stories, research, and investigation.   The #Metoo movement can appreciate Lauren’s story. 


Children are being sexually abused by adults they trust, which is known as incest.  Research shows that 1 out of every 4 girls and 1 out of every 5 boys are incested.   This often results in issues of depression, anxiety, phobias, mistrust, shame, fear, anger, relationship issues, and -- too often -- addictions.   To deal with these misfortunes requires truth, bravery, hard work, and standing up for oneself.

Lauren is steadily in process of rehabilitating herself into a loving, forgiving, and healthy individual. Included in Catherine, Karma, and Complex PTSD are the paths and modalities Lauren has used for 46 years in order to heal herself and recover.    Like a contemporary Sherlock Holmes she probed into the far reaches of her childhood and adult sexual abuse and then found relief through:  recovering 102 past life memories; spirituality; astrology; 12 step programs; hypnosis; rebirthing; forgiveness; bodywork; counseling; and psychology to solve personal mysteries and uncover significant answers – in order to transform herself and live the remainder of her life in peace.

One of Lauren’s spiritual Elders is the ascended master Babaji.  He nurtures Lauren and taught her several in-depth methods that are included unabridged in Catherine, Karma, and Complex PTSD.

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