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10 spiritual books that changed my life --

The Lemurian Way is one of those 10!


Dear Lauren - 

I'm reading your new book (Living in the New Lemuria) and I'm loving it!  Thank you very much for your free astrology reading (and your time). I find it  very helpful and it really resonates with me!   I already follow you on YouTube and I'm loving the meditations.


Love and blessings,  Valeria from Italy


What is Lemuria?   

Lemuria, also known as Mu or the motherland, was the first and most spiritual civilization on planet Earth, pre-dating the fabulous realm of Atlantis, then becoming a contemporary of that ancient land.  Lemuria may be the source of the Golden Age referred to in myths and legends all over the world.


Lemuria’s landmass was a gigantic continent located in the Pacific Ocean.  Due to tectonic shifts, volcanoes, and earthquakes, Lemuria became mostly submerged. Physical and spiritual remnants of Lemuria are found in Polynesian islands, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and the west coast of North and South America. 

Lemurians were the first homo sapien civilization, while possibly the greatest spiritual society known on earth as the inhabitants of Lemuria worked together

in harmony.  Madame Blavatsky refers to Lemuria in her book THE SECRET DOCTRINE, calling Lemurians the third root-race and the third stage of evolution of our planet.

“The [Lemurian] Elders describe the harmonious life they experienced in Lemuria as a guidepost for human civilization today.  They elaborate on the ease of Universal Laws and Wisdom as they lived it, knowledge as old as humanity…They stimulate deep soul memories by presenting details of their society that encompass the order, logic, and harmony of the universe.  They remind us to allow recognition, knowledge residing in individual souls, to just happen.  They encourage us, not just to understand with our intellects, but to feel the wisdom in our bodies.”    Pg. xvii

Lemuria was a name coined by Col. James Churchward, who wrote a number of books on the antediluvian civilization he named Lemuria because of the abundance of lemurs in the area.

Author Lauren O. Thyme with Sareya Orion each experienced their initial lifetimes on planet earth as Lemurians and have clear memories of their individual lifetimes there.  Working as a team writing THE LEMURIAN WAY along with now-disembodied Lemurian Elders (also known as ascended masters), Lauren and Sareya construct a history of that long-ago time, where myths of a golden age of peace and spirituality may have originated.

"I have gone through the books on your amazon page. I must confess you're such a gifted writer and I feel so honored to have crossed your path.  Working for you is a treasure I'm gonna cherish for eternity. Thanks for the awakening your book gave me."  –   

Roy Briggs, Nigeria


(Because no word document had survived in the ensuing 17 years since the first edition, Roy re-typed the entire manuscript for the 2nd edition of The Lemurian Way.  Thank you for your hard work, Roy!)

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