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Mt. Shasta Lemurian Holy Mountain

The Lemurian Way by Lauren O. Thyme is a fascinating account of the Lemurian civilization and, more importantly, what it meant to be a Lemurian. The wondrous civilization of Lemuria, having existed many thousands of years ago, can be a difficult subject to grasp. Certainly, as time has passed, physical evidence is more difficult to find. And yet the interest in Lemuria is stronger now than ever.

Lauren O. Thyme, with the guidance of channeled information from the Lemurian Elders, has created a striking account of the customs, lifestyle, and harmonious community of people known as Lemurians.


This information is almost impossible to find anywhere else, and Lauren has done a masterful job of showing what life was like during this ancient civilization. The Lemurian Way includes chapters with surprisingly detailed accounts and descriptions of growing up Lemurian, the Lemurian Light Temples, childbirth customs, Lemurian communities, Lemurian vocations, rites of passage, a typical day in Lemuria, and much more.

From what information we can surmise about Lemuria, it was not a perfect civilization. Not only that, but it is believed that Lemuria was surpassed by Atlantis in terms of scientific and technological achievement. So what was it that was so special about Lemuria?

Lemuria was a civilization, which valued the community, the individual, and a peaceful coexistence in the world. Lemuria rose far above third dimensional issues of struggle and strife. It was a civilization like none before it or seen since here on Earth. Lemuria, also known as the motherland or Mu, evolved to be a supremely ascended and fully conscious civilization. In fact, Lemuria is believed to have achieved the highest level of civilization on Earth. The Lemurian Way helps us remember that greatness within ourselves.

If you feel drawn to Lemuria, or Mu, for whatever reason, and would like to learn more, The Lemurian Way provides you with a truly wonderful understanding and awareness of the Lemurian civilization, and the glory that Lemuria was. And by exploring, studying and remembering our distant past, we can better under-stand why we are here now. -- 

Andrew Lutts, Founder, Salem New Age Center and Lemurian Mailing List Website

I really liked the book information on the Lemurian community bringing up the children. It really resonated. The whole book is great in that it is info about how people were like, which is information that is really hard to come by. And after all, isn't that really what we are all curious about, anyway? -- Andrew Lutts, Lemurian Mailing List 

Dear Lauren,

Your books and website are simply amazing and have been guiding my tribe for some time now. A sincere thank you is being sent your way in this moment! 

Myself and three other lovely tribe members from Colorado Springs have started a non-profit called “Waking Vibrations.” It is a source for people to share their personal stories of becoming more conscious and spiritual awakenings. Shifting out of the old paradigm. 

The greatest pathway we have discovered is through meditation and there was one in particular that has permeated our hearts- your meditation on The Sacred “Becoming” Ritual Meditation .

It would be so wonderful if we could get this meditation out into our world for others to experience and we wanted to ask permission if we could speak this meditation into some nature scenes and post on our website, FB group and Instagram page while of course, citing all of your information. We wanted to make certain that we are in compliance and respectively ask permission from you.

We are enthusiastic about the possibility of bringing this love into the hearts of so many others who could use these words of hope in challenging times.


In Gratitude,


Kristen Harper

Hoot Maynard

Neil Maxwell

Catalina Maxwell  Jan. 6, 2021


I love ALL Lauren’s books as I have happily purchased literally all but 2 I think so far. Hands down the BEST writer of my time and I’m an avid reader with 5 placements Sagittarius --
Kalain Hilderbrand, Missouri

The Lemurian Way could be used as a guidebook for the new millennium!  -- Alex Lumen, former art director, Fate magazine

Some of your book's concepts reminded me of Einstein's theory of relativity. I got out my Relativity Made Simple and found interesting correlations. --Phil Stone, engineer and architect, Seattle, Washington


Fantastic! Wonderful! Soul Elevating! Thank you so much for your marvelous spiritual book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I know I am a better, more whole person, because of you and this book. Those Lemurians really had the knowledge of how to live in the peaceful awareness of God's Grace! And they "just knew." So they were Love and Joy! I'm so glad you were born to write this wonderful book which can be read by all those souls who are ready for it! It's so special! --- Bernice Coffelt, Las Vegas, Nevada

Your book on Lemuria is fabulous and my mind began to flood with memory as I read each page. I could hear the voices of the Elders speaking. I wish you much success for there is tremendous power and hope in the words. -- Robbyne LaPlant, Owner / operator of Spiritual Journeys Sacred Tours, San Clemente, California


I started reading your book tonight... I am taking it slowly... allowing things to sink in ... and several times I wanted to cry... the words just seem to reach deep within, drawing out a feeling of Joy that has been dormant for so long... and flooding me with the feeling that I am truly and wonderfully LOVED. And I needed that feeling real badly tonight. What a wonderful book it is, Lauren. -- Robin Janice Burdick, Eugene, Oregon
I love your book The Lemurian Way: Remembering Your Essential Nature. This way of life feels so normal, so natural, so in balance with nature. It is hard to believe that such a perfect society would vanish. But it is not lost. We will bring it back-it is still alive in us. I have not yet finished your book, but so far I have not yet fully conscious recall on any of my Lemurian lifetimes, just feelings-a kind of attunement with that life style. It also explains to me why I have certain attractions, desires, or dislikes for particular things in this life time. Thank you for writing this book. -- Uschi Ursula Joy, Arlington, Washington
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I really enjoyed reading your book. I've known for many years that I had life experience in Lemuria but reading your book made me feel like I was right back there. I was struck by how much that I want to tell you I read the book and it touched me in a very special way. I read it slowly and carefully. If I found my mind being distracted I stopped and refocused. It's a simple message but it is packed with powerful insight and has the ability to reach into the heart and raise it up. On two occasions tears came to my eyes. I read the last chapter at about 3:30 A.M. this morning when the world was still and quiet. I was taken into an alpha state where I experienced what I can only describe as "Spirit Sharing" or "Spirit Merging." Called into a meditative trance I began to a type of intent for increased understanding and awareness between family members and friends. I could see the violet light from my crown chakra and completed this prayer feeling emotionally and spiritually nourished and refreshed. Later this morning the Light phenomenon occurred again in the house, James [my husband] was aware of it too. It was the book that inspired the beautiful experience this morning. You have a very special and powerful gift.   ---Sandra Randel, Astro-cartographer Laguna Niguel, California

I finished The Lemurian Way last night. This morning I woke up singing for the first time in a long time and have been singing all day long! -- Demetria Daniels, free-lance writer, New York City

After 45 years in this "work" one quickly learns to discern the authentic from the inauthentic, and your magnificent Lemurian Way is so clearly a gift from Spirit directly to the life stream, which we are all a part!  -- Ronald S. Ross, Stamford, Connecticut


Lemurian experience influenced me when I compared your description of Lemurian society with the way I have envisioned life in my community. -- Wm Uriel Andros, Fairgrove, MO, Order of Melchizedek

I received The Lemurian Way on Monday. It is wonderful. The memories are flooding in. I have stopped at the part about the Atlanteans embedding crystals in Lemurians' bodies and I will just sit with it until I remember. Do you remember me writing about the crystal in my third eye? Thanks for the book, it is a fabulous experience.  --Lilian Perth, Australia

After reading your book, I was "told" to go to my bedroom to sit and receive. During an hour and a half I was integrated with "my second half," which I described in my previous letter. It was very powerful! I was completely filled with high energy, and it became very hot. I used to work with high energies, infuse water and massage oils with the Masters and angels' energies, etc., but this was different. When the session was over, I realized that I and my "better half" had been joined into ONE. I tried after this to code some water with the Golden Light, and another with Kuthumi energy, and I must say that my energy power had increased many, many times! Now my body has to get used to these new, high energies before the next step. I know now that it's only a matter of days before a new reality will begin for me ... merging is happening since reading the book, but I knew the part with Kuthumi before that.. . the things concerning the Golden Light made a lot of sense to me. Thank you for letting me share this with you!  ---Ole Gabrielsen, Jutland, Denmark
I recently came across your book “The Lemurian Way” and read it with great interest.  Then I googled your name and found your blogs.  All very interesting. ..We seem to have a common interest and connection with the goddess Sekhmet among other things.  I hope you are well and I bless you my friend!   -- Maj-Britt Capener, Sweden
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Lauren O. Thyme
Santa Fe, New Mexico
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