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Reviews from Turkey

In 2004 my book was translated into Turkish and published in Turkey by Akasa Publishers

You are loved so dearly in Turkey Lauren.  Your book marked a pivotal moment in my awakening, personally…thank you for your being and sharing…Hugs from my little corner and hugs to all family.   The Lemurian Way is my bedside book, dear author.  --- Selin Mikaela Bolu  


Love it    YoginiPraxis Sari  (Turkey)

Love it    Nergis Oner  (Turkey)

Lots of love   Gokce Yesibas (Turkey)

Lauren O. Thyme
Santa Fe, New Mexico

We really appreciate and thank you for your book  -- Hale E Bozaci (Turkey)

We are Lemurian friends  -- Gulcan Demirci (Turkey)


​Love from Istanbul from awakened Lemurian Sisters xxx   -- Gokcen Isiltas Gulenc, Akn Shu Ahu,  & Hale Bozaci (Turkey)

​Hi Lauren, it's also a pleasure for me to meet you.  Today Ahu, Hale and I took a Lemurian photo for you, the hand gestures means I Love you in American Sign Language. Hope to see you soon, bye  -- Gokcen Isiltas Gulenc  (Turkey) 


My dear friends from Turkey (Gokcen, Hale, and Ahu)

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