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Past Lives

Your goals

.........and whatever else you want to know

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This can be done for you
from anywhere in the world       
via Zoom!!

One thing I love about the work I do.  I am not just a psychic or a counselor or an astrologer.  I have developed easy and effective techniques that take us to the heart of any matter.  And I have learned that the techniques work the best when utilized by my client -- you.

Email me if you are interested in a session.

My fee for one session:

1 hour = $100.00
2 hours = $175.00

All sessions include an astrological review.

Contact Lauren at

 58 years experience with a B.S. in Psychology




I had a chance to look through all the wonderful information you shared with me. Thank you so so much for an amazing session. For your time and for your trust! I felt great sharing my experience with you. 


Astrology has a lot to be studied and understood. I am beyond grateful for the wonderful natal chart you provided. I myself am interested in learning about astrology but it’s so vast that I kind of gave up. Anyway,  I am amazed at how accurate it was about my Saturn return. Very exciting and useful information. 


I enjoyed our session and felt nothing but a genuine energy and love for your work and clients. You are a wonderful soul! No wonder why the Elders have chosen you to carry on and live the lemurian way!


Thank you for passing the elders message to me. It is an honor to be an elder in training. I will put in all the work and work hard for our human race and for the wonderful creation of life! 


Thank you, 

Yesica  R. Chicago, Il

Dearest Lauren, 


Spending time in your beautiful presence was priceless.  Thank you so much for deciding to do the session with me.  Thank you for praying for me and spending so much time, even before my session.  You have touched my life deeply, even before I have spoken to you. And I believe will continue do so through your books and your “very short list” of things to do  which I love! 


I am sending you gratitude, love, light, blessing.  I am glad you have a new friend in SA.  I am going to go through all of your guidance (attachments), and do all of them


xx  With love, Karien M., South Africa


You are amazing. You got a LOT together very quickly. Thank you! ️


I skimmed Lisa’s natal chart. There is so much there that is so accurate, it’s eerie. 


I’m heading to bed now — but will get back to you more tomorrow. 


Thank you!​

Caterina A., Texas

Dear Lauren

Thank you for the links & guidelines. Have read them all & will joyfully get to composing the [god] letters. That handout was particularly helpful. Thank you!


Been looking up the gods [you] mentioned yesterday & the conscious connections are flowing. Admittedly there have been there already (of course) subtly & subconsciously.


Are you able to say was it Pegasus that was the name of the Roman/Greek based god related to horses… you were searching for the name - I fully understand- It feels like Pegasus after looking up the info..  Pegasus has been with me over the years.


Thank you again for the gift of your time yesterday.


Malkiel   Nova Scotia   3/18/2023

Hi Lauren!


You were referred to me by Mariel D. as an excellent person for an astro-cartography reading. I'm not sure that I'm moving in the immediate future, but I do feel a change of scenery coming on. My sense is that I'll be in several different areas and would love to get a read on which of those are best for me. I'm feeling a pull towards Santa Barbara/L.A., and potentially New York, but I have a very strong draw to forests and trees (those are my people) - so just trying to sort it all out. It could be places I haven't thought of as well.


I'm not sure what your schedule looks like, if you're taking new clients, or how far you're booking out so just let me know when you have a moment.

[days later]   Thank you! I loved our session.


You're with me from now on, huh? While you're here and when you transition to an elder?   I like that. What a joy to know you now. :)


Thanks so much,

Danielle   Feb. 18, 2023

Dear Lauren - I already feel so much wisdom and love through your words, Lauren. I’m touched and overjoyed to  cross paths with you.  Thank you again and speak soon. 

[days later}  Dearest Lauren,


Thank you so much for receiving me today. I felt truly seen and heard. I am integrating what came through and I am so grateful to have met you. 

I have sent my contribution through PayPal, let me know if you received it.


I will connect, feel and play with the writing.. thank you so much for confiding this document with me.


I’ll be looking out for the other information we talked about. Thank you so so so much, you are a magnificent soul. 

love and light, 

Saria   Feb. 13, 2023

spiritual; counseling; astrology; lemuria; author; past lives; reincarnation; metaphysical; ancient Egypt, Delphi, Greece, Stonehenge, heiau; Mt. Shasta

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