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                         Creation of

Cosmic Grandma Wisdom and its cover


Lauren’s beloved granddaughter Ambur Rockell West, a singer, songwriter, author, and artist, gave the book Cosmic Grandma Wisdom its endearing title and original cover.


A note from the cover artist - 
                  My Cosmic Grandmother: 


"She comes from the stars and I came from her.  She was sent here with otherworldly wisdom and a heart that breaks at people's suffering.  She gives her hands to the tending of flowers, fruit, and herbs; she relentlessly helps collect household items for the poor; she counsels the hurt; she has led tours to and written about sacred sites of the world.  


When I was born, they did not put me into the arms of my scared fifteen-year-old mother -- I was placed in a metal pan and left alone; alone until my grandmother walked over to introduce herself.

Since that first conversation, she has spoken countless wisdoms to me which I have urged her to write.  People often ask me how I didn't end up "messed up" from a crazy, rocky life -- I tell them it's because of her.  To which she replies, "Oh, I just helped the roses grow."  And that she did through my growing pains and seasons.  Her lessons have been passed on to my friends through me, and so I urged her to write them down.

This painting (the artwork is painted completely with nail polish) is for the book I urged her to write, "Cosmic Grandma Wisdom."  Now the seeds of her wild, sometimes unconventional wisdom are here, in this book, to scatter into your hands."  --
         Ambur Rockell West

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