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                 Lauren's Laws:

excerpt from Cosmic Grandma Wisdom


These “LAWS” are based on a lifetime of observing, noticing, learning, experimenting, trial and error. You don't have to “believe” in any of them. The Laws are presented here for contemplation.


1.  We each live in our own separate universe. Everything in that universe is true and correct for that universe. There is no truth with a capital T, no reality with a capital R.


2.  Love is the building block of the universe, from which everything emanates. It’s in you, around you, it IS you. If you cannot feel love right now, don’t worry. It’s still there.


3.  If it’s easy, it’s right. If a project is or becomes difficult, stop. You might be going the wrong direction, using the wrong tools, being in the wrong time or place, beating your head against a brick wall. Wait for clarity.

4.  Be aware. Transformation is just ahead.


5.  M = E T²    Miracles/Matter/Time Equals Energized Thought Squared .... (of  Two or more people)
Miracles of physical matter, events, space, or time can be sped up, increased, or transformed through the elevated (spiritual) interaction of two or more people. One person plus one person equals more than two people. Two people plus two people equals MUCH more than four people. The increase of synergy is exponential.


6.   I can unconditionally love someone, but do not have to go to dinner with him or her.


7.  A relationship lasts as long as it lasts—not one minute longer. And you’ll know the moment the relationship has ended.


8.  When a relationship comes to an end, bless it and move on. There’s no turning back once that lesson is learned.


9.   Relationships are like buses—there’s always the next one to catch to take you to a new destination.


10.  When a difficult person arrives in your life, love that person, forgive, and be grateful. The universe has sent that person to you as a gift for your learning.

11.  When a difficult situation arrives in your life, love that situation, forgive, and be grateful. The universe has sent that situation to you as a gift for your learning.


12.  When you need something, GIVE.


13. The universe is all about timing. So is everything in your life.


14.  There’s no one to blame.


15.  Ended relationships are not failures. Once you are finished learning with a person, you are on to the next (it might be yourself) for the purpose of personal learning, growth and evolution.


16.  Instant Karma. Karma can be quick depending on your awareness, for the purpose of instant learning. The more you learn, the more aware you become, the faster instant karma works. It is a self-reinforcing loop.


17. Grace trumps karma.


18.  Tell the fast as you can. This may not mean immediately. 
Sometimes appropriate timing is involved. Truth opens up all kinds of avenues that may not have been open before.  And be kind.


19.  There is no such thing as a lie, not even a "little white lie." This includes telling outright falsehoods as well as failing to tell the truth. Lies cannot and do not exist. Everyone is psychic. Everyone intuits another’s emotions and intentions and behaves according to that intuition, even if the intuition is unconscious. Attempting to lie (or failing to tell the truth) will create problems for everyone including oneself. Many of today’s world problems are based on attempts to lie. Many movies are based on the interaction around a falsehood. That kind of movie plot couldn’t exist without an attempt to conceal, hide, avoid, or run from the truth; the movie would be over in a matter of minutes had the truth been told at the beginning.


20.  Everything is connected to everything as though by an immense Spider Web of Life. A change will vibrate the entire web; thus ONE  person CAN make a difference. (Quantum physicists and string theorists seem to be in agreement with me.)


21.  Everything is perfect, no matter what it looks like, for the purpose of learning, growth and evolution.


22.  Everything is perfect, no matter whether it changes or not.


23.  Forgiveness is selfish—for your own peace, happiness, and well-being.


24.  Pay attention as if your life depends on it. It does.


25.  Everyone is psychic.


26.  As I transform myself, others transform themselves in my presence.


27.  The mind is not my friend.


28.  Grief helps me know how much I love someone. 

29.  Follow the energy.   It may not make sense (probably not).  The path is not straight, but meanders and winds around, even backwards unto itself.  But if followed it leads us unerringly from one stepping stone to the next step of our life.

30.    Accept everything. 

31  --  Never give up. 

32 -- Expect nothing except expect a miracle.

33-  I belong to The Church of “It’s Good enough"

34 – Simply surrender and let the Universe take care the juice of life. 

35 - Challenges are required -- like rainwater -- in order to learn and grow.

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