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Past lives exploration

I currently remember 106 lifetimes in detail, the memories starting when I was five years old.  When I meet certain people, I can discern which lifetimes I knew them in, what our relationship was like, and what we are still working through together.  Ultimately the goal seems to be forgiveness, peace, and balance.  Having this knowledge and information helps me work through problems in myself and in relationships.

Long ago I discovered that I am a “battery” for other lifetimes, which accesses information easily and effortlessly, both for me and for others.  This mysterious juice, the vibrational charge that is connected to me and works through me, helps bring past lives into vivid focus and understanding.  The vibrant energy and ease of the battery is captured in this book to assist you in your exploration.

​After consulting for decades with other individuals on their past lives, an interesting aspect became clear.  What is known as karma doesn’t get created from what one does or doesn’t do in a certain lifetime, but how one THINKS or FEELS about what he/she did or didn’t do, as well as how one THINKS or FEELS about other people’s actions or lack of action.  This often results in guilt, anger, fear, blame, remorse, shame, and revenge in one’s current lifetime. 

I’ve been a practicing astrologer for 45 years.  I’ve concluded that the birth chart is a blueprint for the current life indicating challenges, talents, proclivities, obsessions, relationships, along with personality characteristics and defects.  Thus the difficulties you experience are not wrong or bad in your chart.  You have chosen obstacles and complications to achieve further knowledge and progress in the school of life.


A soul cannot learn everything in one short lifetime, so the soul chooses a few qualities to play with and learn about each time through hundreds or perhaps thousands of lifetimes.

Therefore, if a person has a problem, the soul has chosen that difficulty to learn and grow spiritually, as well as to heal and balance itself through understanding and compassion for itself and others.

Although a soul may choose to lead a disruptive life, it does not mean that particular lifetime is bad or evil.  I don’t believe in evil.  A soul needs to have numerous experiences in order to grow and learn, which includes what we might consider “good” and “bad.” 

In my decades of work I notice that nowadays many souls are leading multiple lives in one lifetime – having many significant relationships, moving homes frequently, as well as having various jobs or careers.  What I believe is happening is that time is speeding up on planet Earth and there is a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time.  Our planet is going through challenging times.

Souls travel through lifetimes in soul groups or soul families.  Often a soul friend / family member will either assist another soul to weather a stormy lifetime or to create challenging situations to be worked out together.

There are many books published on this topic.   So … why did I write this handbook and what are the benefits of your pursuing the exercises?  

I offer a method for you to explore your past lives easily and effortlessly, without trauma, without hypnosis, or hiring any person to guide you.  Essentially you do this work by yourself for free - except for the minimal cost of the handbook.  You can pilot yourself anytime, as often as you like.   Your Higher Self and its wisdom will be in charge.

You will find this process simple, restful, and comfortable.  You will be at ease throughout the session without upset or trauma.   You will feel relaxed, peaceful, yet alert.  If you get stuck at any time in the process, you are advised to “make it up.” In other words make up a story. 

As the mystic, writer, poet, and artist William Blake said,

  “The imagination is not a state: it is the human existence itself.”

​Imagination is not fantasy or illusions, but our higher consciousness revealing itself to us.

My procedure will help you to release control of the mental, ego-centered, logical mind, and transport you to the perceptive “Higher Self” which will effortlessly divulge accurate information to you in a contemplative, gentle manner.

You do not need to believe in reincarnation or past lives for this method to work.  You can consider that what you learn through this technique are symbols and archetypes which describe and illuminate your current life.

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