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You, me, and the Council of Elders


Hi. My name is Lauren O. Thyme.

I thought we could have a little conversation first, get acquainted.

I encourage questions. Things I have to say in my blogs may not feel right or true to you. That’s okay. What is true for one person may not be true for another. I’ve discerned there is no truth with a capital T. We each are working out our own paths and seeking our own truths. I only am here to encourage you, to tell you stories you may relate to, to be of any help I can be. I am your equal, not ahead of or above you. We are here on the path through life together. We are family. Hopefully we’ll become friends.

I’ve lived in this earthly body for 65 years. I began hearing the voices of the Council of Elders when I was 5, after a near-death experience. I intuited there is a “group” – I lovingly refer to them as The Guys. One of the Elders acts as spokeperson for the entire group. Yuan played that role from when I was 15 to 23. Then Babaji took over for decades. In March 2012 Metatron (above image) became Spokesperson. There are at least 4 other members that I’m aware of, but who don’t speak directly to me: Yu’an, an Asian male; a Native American male; a dark-haired woman; and my ascended master self. However, I intuit that there are 9 altogether.

My Council of Elders has traveled the entire lifetime with me, guiding, encouraging, teaching, analyzing, helping me to stay aware. Explaining when I got confused. Loving me when I was scared or sad. They are my best friends!

I also started remembering past lives at the same young age. I called them my Other Lives or Dream Lives. When I was 9 years old, my Aunt Edna gave me books to read on Edgar Cayce¹, T. Lobsang Rampa², Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East³.

“Other people believe this and there are words for it,” I joyfully announced to myself. “Reincarnation. Karma.”

My past lives count is now up to about 97. I often met people whom I had known before, and generally recognized them right away. Often these relationships were difficult, as I learned how to harmonize and balance past debts with each of them. By about age 15 I realized I was psychic in other ways too. I was able to read for other people, tell them about past, present and future, and their own past lives.

Generally human beings grow what I call a filter which seems to be fully in place by the time we’re about 5 years old. This filter keeps us from remembering who and what we are, where we’ve been and can also limit psychic communication and information. This filter is important for two reasons. The first is to help us live in present time, what Eckhart Tolle calls the Now, and the other is so that we don’t go crazy.

For me, the filter never formed properly. (My partner of 23 years, Paul, who is a psychological counselor, further explains that I don’t have a strong ego.) Part of the way I accomplished changing my filter was I arranged to be born into a family who abused and molested me.

It worked!

Because of those experiences, my antennae grew very big and highly sensitive, so that I became attuned to stations not often picked up by earthly beings — until recently, as humans are evolving into a new species. More on that later.

I also planned on finishing up ALL my lifetimes on earth, complete my karma, and harmonize all my former relationships. And I also decided I would be a healer. I came into this life with less than the usual amount of energy and health, so I’ve been sick, tired, and disabled most of my life. It’s called the Wounded Healer Syndrome. Perhaps you’ve heard of it.

I’m not complaining, just explaining how I set up my life and experiences. It was important that I would remember, in order to heal what needed to be healed. I came here to learn unconditional love, forgiveness and gratitude. It has taken me most of my life to accomplish that.

I want you to know that I am NOT an expert on anything – except perhaps suffering. [chuckles] Because I was quiet and in bed a lot, I became contemplative. I’m a Scorpio, so I experience everything quite intensely.

I’m like a bulldog when I’m trying to understand something, especially if it is a mystery or hidden from view. I have a scientific bent, so I study and do my own experiments to see if something works. When I’m satisfied, it becomes one of “Lauren’s Laws.” I’ll explain that in greater detail in some of my other blogs. I’m not enlightened or awakened, although it’s my goal to become so. I did experience about two weeks of awakening in May, 2011, which was like going to heaven. But it went away and I only get glimpses from time to time.

I apparently first became acquainted with the Elders in Lemuria (also known as Mu), about 100,000 years ago. Lemuria was our first almost-physical incarnation on this planet. We had a very spiritual society until the continent began to split apart and sink into the ocean.

(Oh, oh. Have I lost you?) If it helps, just think of this as a bedtime story, a fairy tale. It doesn’t matter if it’s real anyway. What is REAL? Perhaps there’s no reality with a capital R.

I can only tell you what I remember. It’s like remembering something from long ago. Can you remember experiences from your childhood or adolescence? My memories feel like that. How do I do it? [shrugs shoulders] I just know stuff….. Paul tells me I’m not schizophrenic, if that helps at all!! [wry smile]

Therefore, the Guys are also Lemurian Elders, except for Metatron, who is an Archangel. They have no physical, 3-D bodies.

I must be the slow one, because I’m still working on an earthly life! I can converse with them as easily as I do with you or my partner Paul, just telepathically. They don’t interfere and let me learn things on my own. If I’m confused, they explain. Sometimes they’ll confirm what I’ve picked up. Or if I missed something, like in a reading, I’ll hear them add their own words. If I need to pay attention, they’ll alert me. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

Oh, one final word on the Elders. I read DESTINY OF SOULS¼ by Dr. Michael Newton, who used to do life between lives work. After working with thousands of people, he came up with a general description on the Council of Elders. When a person dies and goes to the spirit realm, he/she is greeted by a personal guide, then the family of souls. At some point the person goes to see their own Council of Elders, who helps the person understand what he/she learned or didn’t learn in the past life. The Council members are highly advanced beings, loving, wise, helpful. A soul will return again and again to their Council after each life, so they are familiar with each other. Just before the soul is ready to return to a new life, he/she meets with the Council again to determine what would be the best choice of lives and what is desired to learn.

According to Dr. Newton’s research, a soul has a Guide who helps throughout one’s life. However, I’ve had the entire Council with me these 65 years. Why is that? They tell me it’s for 2 reasons:

—1 because I’m in training to become an Elder

—2 because I’m a Conduit (see my article Are You a Conduit?)

so they work with me very closely. It’s hard for me to believe – I don’t expect you to believe, either. But that’s what They tell me.

It’s been great sharing with you. I am open to questions from you any time. Talk to you again soon. I invite you to read my other blogs.

Blessings for now,

Lauren O. Thyme April 20, 2012

Edgar Cayce¹

T. Lobsang Rampa²

Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East³

DESTINY OF SOULS by Dr. Michael Newton

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