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Lauren’s Vision of Planet Earth

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

I was shown the following vision many times starting 3/1/2021 during one of my Living in the New Lemuria classes. A student was reading a description of a guided meditation for us when this vision appeared to me for the first time. As time goes by, the vision gets a little clearer, more details are introduced, and I can “hear” and “feel” information as well.

I see that the present 3rd dimensional earth will get darker, more violent, with more problems such as climate change. What I call “Battle of Beliefs” will increase - All of us on planet earth are being prepared for a new second earth which is forming for us stemming from our wishes, hopes, spiritual activities, and quantum (also known as fifth dimensional) pursuits, thoughts, and ideas. This new earth will be most exclusively fifth dimension. The only way that an earth inhabitant will be allowed to ascend to the new earth is through fifth dimension (loving and ascended) thoughts, emotions, feelings, activities and behavior. Otherwise, that individual will be forced to stay on the old earth. Thus, we each have an opportunity to ascend to the new earth, which will feel like paradise, by our own volition.

These 2 earths are currently attached by a flexible cord of some type which continues to stretch further every day. Eventually that cord will break and the 2 planets will no longer be in contact with one another. I feel that this breaking will take place within the next decade or two, so it is imminent.

I have noticed that many Hollywood movies lately have some kind of doom and gloom scenario, with the planet earth becoming destroyed in one form or other with the inhabitants trying to leave to go somewhere else.

This may sound like a vision from Biblical prophecy, yet I am not a Christian. I am a Lemurian Elder.

At this writing I do not know what happens to individuals after death regarding ascending to the new earth. Will they be able to go to the 2nd earth if they had practiced ascension prior to death? I don’t know.

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