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How to reboot yourself using sacred feminine consciousness (sacred healing)

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

First published November 2018 in Awaken The Feminine Anthology, Rev. Karen Tate, Anthologist

“How can we reboot humanity towards a world permeated with peace, love, and sanity? The question itself leads to an awareness of what is lately referred to as “Sacred Feminine” consciousness. This reference to Feminine does not imply that women are better than men, for all humans are imbued with both feminine and masculine attributes, also known as yin and yang. The Sacred Feminine, also known as Goddess energy, divine intelligence, and spirituality, encompasses qualities that are loving, gentle, and kind. This energy excludes an “us or them” division, eliminating black and white thinking, while bypassing unnecessary, even war-like blame, hatred, and judgment.

A simple solution exists for a complex problem. The answer is that we each focus on our own spiritual, divine and karmic development, without the necessity to change anyone else. To strive to be the best sacred selves we can be.

That’s it. There’s no one to fix. Only to focus on the heart of ourselves.

This resolution may seem deceptively simple, yet it requires awareness, practice, mindfulness and more practice. Imagine living life in conscious awareness 24/7.

What this necessitates is to diligently practice the following:

Willingness Noticing without criticism Forgiveness of self and others Patience Unconditional love of self and others Mutual support—win/win solutions Mutual respect Acceptance and allowing Detachment Blamelessness Living in present time Open and loving communication Trust and surrender to a higher power Gratitude Defenselessness and neutrality Giving and receiving Joyful creation—doing what you love and feel compelled to do—and loving what you do Empathy and compassion Having fun

Did I say the solution was easy? No, it takes practice and attentiveness.

“Everything is perfect no matter what it looks like, for the purpose of learning, growth and evolution” say my Elders. Nothing is wrong in the universe. Focusing on the things or people one perceives as “wrong,” “bad,” or “evil” only strengthens and expands that energy. We need to worry about absolutely nothing. Worry is a useless activity. In other words, we don’t have to blame or judge others, ourselves, or situations. We need only to focus on ourselves. So we can each strive to become peace, love, and sanity within ourselves and around others—friends, relatives, or strangers.

We can focus on those spiritual concerns and when an inharmonious thought comes up, turn it over to the Divine. No need to stop a thought and the attending feeling. No need to figure out a solution to a problem. Simply release it into the care of the Universe. (I say “Here, Goddess” and hand it over.) I find the universe takes care of all those thoughts and feelings and problems— effortlessly—in time.

How to do it?

Ignore the non-stop thought circus. Stop paying attention to all the negative messages outside yourself and those negative messages (from your critic) within. Those are simply fear and worry messages. Whenever you have a problem, upset, or difficulty, give over everything to the care of the divine—goddess, deity, or universal consciousness—whatever you choose to call it.

My Elders tell me “Everything is connected to everything” and “One person can make a difference.” The universe consists merely of vibration and consciousness. As one person changes his/her consciousness, and thus his/her vibration, one’s life will change.

Lauren’s Law #26: “As I transform myself, others transform themselves in my presence.” So-called “reality” which includes other people and situations will change along with one’s own transformation. Thus the planet and humanity will also change, can change, one person at a time. We can each make a pledge to become that person.

“As I transform myself, others transform themselves in my presence” is known as the Maharishi effect. The higher our emotional vibration, the more people we can affect by simply being our spiritual, transcendent selves. We don’t have to “fix” anything or anyone. We only have to become the best selves possible, which then changes vibration and consciousness—and thus “reality.”

“We need only become the change we want to see,” according to Mahatma Gandhi.

Direct action is no longer the best route. It is outmoded and outdated. With Sacred Feminine aspects, we have come to the intersection where we are conscious co-creators with the Universe. Indeed according to Dr. David R. Hawkins (Power Versus Force), Lola Jones (Things are Going Great in my Absence), and Abraham-Hicks (Law of Attraction), we have no power over anyone or anything else except ourselves. We cannot force change. Instead we endeavor to change our own consciousness. As we would a small, shy kitten, we sit quietly, open, loving, gentle, and detached with ourselves. In its own time the “kitten” will jump on our lap and purr with ecstasy. We create a state of openness, acceptance, and neutrality in which everything is possible, by refining and re-defining ourselves.

Emotions are not bad but are purely vibration of one sort or another. How does an emotion feel and what does that emotion create in our lives? Lower emotional vibrations (sadness, anger, despair, blame, judgment) are ineffectual for creating the kind of positive change we all long for, while that emotion may feel terrible in our bodies and in the atmosphere around us. Higher vibrations such as neutrality, forgiveness, unconditional love, surrender, detachment, and mutual respect are powerful and create a more harmonious space in and around us, which also allows for miracles to happen.

We can bring serenity and evolution to ourselves, and all those with whom we have contact, make life easier and more fun, by rebooting ourselves using Sacred Feminine qualities and actions. Then we can relax and enjoy a new kind of life in which everyone wins.”

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