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What to do if a Police Officer stops you

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I recently was pulled over by a policeman because I was inadvertantly speeding (36 in 20 mph). I was very happy that day and not paying attention to my driving through a school zone. In other words, I was driving through La-La Land (not the movie) instead of being grounded!

I was shocked out of my reverie when I saw the blinking lights show up in my rear-view mirror and the piercing, unmistakable sound of a siren. I pulled over quickly, my heart pounding.

When the very young Police Officer came to my window, I smiled. “Hi.” I wasn’t scared or angry, but actually felt quite loving. Just rather disoriented.

“I’m sorry Ma’am. You were going 36 in a school zone, which is posted at 20 MPH.” His demeanor seemed almost apologetic.

“That’s okay, my dear,” I replied. “You’re just doing your job,” and smiled at him. I inexplicably felt quite loving towards him. Not at all upset.

“Could I see your driver’s license and registration?” he asked gently.

“Of course.” I got out my license and fumbled around in the glove compartment. I came out with a wad of papers and went through all of them. “Here’s my registration. But I don’t seem to find my current car insurance. I do have insurance. See, here’s the bill.” I felt idiotic. “The amount is taken out every month from my bank account,” I continued.

He waved my concern away. “That’s okay,” he replied.

Then the young Officer returned to his car, to contact headquarters to make sure the car wasn’t stolen, and I wasn’t a criminal on the lam.

Although I felt calm, my body felt agitated. I notice that my body has a “mind” of its own. I decided to meditate while I waited.

As I meditated I asked my Council of Elders if I really deserved a ticket. If I did, I would pay it without complaint, surrendering to the Universe. I had been, after all, speeding.

But if being pulled over was just a wake-up call, that was fine. If the message was simply for me to “pay attention,” I got the message loud and clear. Meanwhile I felt very detached to the outcome.

After quite awhile, the Police Officer returned to my car. “I couldn’t get my computer to work,” he apologized. “For some reason the computer just stopped operating, which is why it took me so long. I can’t write you a ticket. I’m letting you go with a warning. Be sure to pay attention in the future.” He handed me back my paperwork.

“Thank you, so much, darling,” I replied. (darling??) “I will. And you have a wonderful day!”

As I drove off, I thanked the Elders for the warning, giggling to myself about the Police Officer’s computer.

What the Universe can do amazes me!

And what Love can do amazes me, too!!

Lauren O. Thyme


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