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Everthing is perfect, no matter what it looks like

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

“Everything is perfect, no matter what it looks like.”

This is a mantra my Council of Elders has been telling me for decades. It hasn’t always been easy for me to understand. Or to accept. But I always seem to come back to this reality. When I do accept that everything is perfect, I feel better.

Perfect doesn’t mean like “perfect health” or “perfect happiness” or perfect like faultless, flawless or unspoiled. Perfect in Elder-Speak means acceptance of the way things simply are.

I have suffered – physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, sexually – for at least 45 years. If you count my childhood of molestation, abuse, loneliness, and rape, then it has been 65 years. No one could say that all those years have been “Perfect” from a textbook definition. But because I came into my life to heal and balance old relationships, as well as to atone for old patterns of behavior from past lives, as well as to get to a point where I didn’t need to reincarnate any more, then I could say my life has been perfect. All my difficulties have compelled, forced, led me to look inside, to find out how to make myself feel better. My feeling better has come from learning to love, accept, forgive, and be grateful to everyone and everything, including my body.

Yesterday I “met” a wonderful woman through Facebook, a healer and a clairvoyant, who was moved to help me feel better. She told me she would do healing on me during the night and today I would feel so much better, less pain, more relaxation. I don’t. I feel tremendously worse, more pain, disturbed sleep, even dreaming about feeling bad.

I forgot. I forgot all the healers, and Reiki masters, and doctors, Naturopaths, specialists, and chiropractors, masseurs, physical therapists, counselors, therapists, nutritionists, allergists, acupuncturists, and workshop leaders that I have gone to during four decades who could not “heal” me – plus I often ended up feeling so much worse. It wasn’t that I couldn’t accept healing. It was because I was “fine” the way I was, the way I was set up to be, the way I was supposed to be in order to heal my life from a higher, spiritual perspective.

The Elders tell me that everything is perfect because we are here to learn, grow and evolve. Since the Higher Source is in everything and is everywhere and has set up our planet and our lives to be exactly what they are, there is nothing wrong, nothing that needs to be fixed. All lessons, including political, financial, social, and environmental “wrongs” are meant to stimulate us into learning. Learning what? Each of us is here to learn our own perfect lessons. You may be physically healthy, but need to learn something different from me. I couldn’t say. I don’t know. But I assume our learning includes universal wisdom – such as love, surrender, trust, gratitude, and forgiveness.

Furthermore, as I mentioned in another blog, I am a Conduit. That means I work 24/7 at a job that filters, cleanses and neutralizes “negativity” from 144,000 individuals — through my physical body. My body needs to be a certain way in order to fulfill that job. Also what my body is experiencing may not even be my stuff at all!!

Do I like suffering and pain? No, not really. I’m not saying that my life is easy. Far from it. I can often be heard complaining or crying to my Elders to help me, to stop the pain, ease the suffering. Their response is usually “Just relax Lauren. You’re fine.” Once I relax I do feel better, amazingly enough. Then I can continue to work on my gratitude and forgiveness of my body and the situation.

In my early 20’s, I was a participant in a few miraculous healings of other people. When I found out about a problem, I would yell (yes, yell) at the Universe and demand help from Mother/Father God, Jesus Christ, all the healing angels and anyone else who could help, to save an individual. Then I was “told” what to do. And a miracle would usually transpire. But I’m convinced these miracles were part of the individual’s learning process – apparently, or they wouldn’t have healed.

—- One was a fifteen-year-old girl who had been hit by a car and developed gangrene on her upper thigh. Her doctors decided they would amputate the leg at the hip. Her leg was saved at the last minute. The gangrene was gone the morning of the surgery.

—- One was my father who had a cancerous tumor the size of a golf ball in his stomach. When he got to the hospital for more tests and then surgery to cut it out, the tumor had disappeared. He was released, without surgery, and lived another 25 years.

—- The third was a young single mother of twins. She had Type I Diabetes her whole life. Her retinas were detaching and she was going blind quite rapidly. After I had demanded help from the Higher Realm, her retinas attached, to the amazement of her eye specialist, who had been doing laser treatment with no effect. Thirty years later she still has her eyesight and has raised her daughters.

—- However, a fourth time, a friend of mine asked if I could psychically attend her girl friend’s 16th surgery, to ask for the same kind of Divine help. I agreed. When I arrived at the door of the surgical room, a steel door closed in my consciousness. “You are not needed here,” I was told and I left. The girl died a week later. Everything is perfect, no matter what it looks like. I am not in charge. The Universal Source is in charge, which works in tandem with each individual’s course of learning and evolution.

I once lectured to a group of Jewish people. When I brought up this cosmic decree of everything being perfect, they were outraged. “What about the holocaust?” they demanded.

I shrugged. “I don’t know what the lessons were for any of those millions of people that died,” I replied. “Or even for all the survivors. Or the Nazis. Or Americans. I don’t know what each person was there to learn – or possibly to teach others. All I know is that everything is perfect, no matter what it looks like.

A dear friend of mine, who happens to be a Counselor, decided he liked the concept. “So once a person accepts that everything is perfect, then there is room for change!” he exclaimed.

“No,” I replied. “Everything is perfect, even if it NEVER changes.”


This concept flies in the face of everything that humans want to do – to fix, to improve, to heal, to make better, to reorganize. I sometimes wonder if the dreadful condition of our environment is due to our over-zealous desire for change – for something “better.” I’m not implying that we should never take an action. But it is up to each individual to intuit what that appropriate action might be.

In fact, I have thought long and hard about the current human condition on our planet – all of it, which seems quite out of control, with pollution, wars, starvation, greed, financial ruin, and any number of issues to look at. But what if – all those things are perfect – in order for all of us humans to learn, grow, and evolve? I don’t know. I’m not privy to that information. But it is worth thinking about.

As the Elders repeat the mantra, I relax and continue to learn what I need to learn. “Everything is perfect, no matter what it looks like.”

Or as Abraham – Hicks says: “Nothing is broken, so nothing needs to be fixed.”



Lauren O. Thyme originally published May 12, 2012

Currently part of Cosmic Grandma Wisdom copyright 2017

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