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Pay Attention: Your well-being depends on being a good Psychic

I believe that all humans are intuitive, psychic, have extra-sensory perceptions. I believe that our inborn, intuitive abilities are vital to our well-being, health, careers, maybe our lives. I hope this article will encourage you to hone your abilities, regardless if you are just beginning or have been practicing for many years.

I’ve talked to some successful people. One thing those people had in common is what they call “gut feelings” or “instincts” when it comes to knowing who to trust or when to sign that important deal.


When learning to become a good psychic, the first and most important requirement is to


I mean pay attention to everything. What you see. What you hear. What you feel, smell, taste. What you imagine that you feel, smell, or taste. When your hair stands on end or you get goosebumps (I call them truth-bumps) or you just KNOW.

You need to pay attention at all times during the day and night. When you’re by yourself. When you’re with others. When you’re tired; when you’re alert. When you’re driving, or as a passenger. When you’re watching TV or a movie or listening to music or the radio or to someone else speak. When you’re at work. When you’re at home or out in public. You must pay attention to everything. Every nuance. Especially the things that don’t seem to have any meaning at all.

You can visualize the stereotype of a Native American we’ve seen in movies. You know, those depictions of an American Indian getting off his horse to closely examine something on the ground. To sniff it. Examine it. Track it. To know the difference between the scent of a deer or that of a bear. You can aspire to be that noble native. This is in spite of the fact that you haven’t been trained as natives once were. You must train yourself to intuit messages in every leaf, stone, word, smell, news report, and personal interaction. Everything is important, as you will learn.

You must be willing to appear ridiculous. Others may not be picking up what you do. Others may even make fun of you, if you tell them what you’re picking up. But ultimately you will possess a special talent to rely on. To intuit messages that only you can hear. This talent can protect you and others in simple and also amazing ways.


IGNORE the logical mind. You can trust your senses in becoming intuitive – NOT your logic. The logical mind will try to talk you out of your message.

For example:

“That’s ridiculous.”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“I must be tired – or anxious – or have an over-active imagination.”

“I’m just being judgmental.”


The logical mind is good for balancing your checkbook or doing your job – but not for psychic information.


Your logical mind may try to convince you otherwise — but pay no attention. In fact, when I am guiding clients on “past life journeys” I tell them to leave the logical mind behind. If they get stuck and can’t remember details, I tell them to “make it up.” It disengages the logical mind and takes them directly to their intuition.

You will discover the method(s) in which you pick up messages best – whether it is seeing (clairvoyance); hearing (clairaudience); sensing (clairsentience); knowing (claircognizance); tasting (clairgustance); smelling (clairtangency) or a combination.

Psychics know it’s of utmost importance to pay attention to that silly little thought that pops into your head out of nowhere. The thought says: “You ……” as though someone separate from you is talking to you. You may only get one chance to pay attention to that thought. If it’s extremely urgent, you may get the message again — but usually it won’t repeat. Sometimes when I intuit something significant, it sounds like “bells and whistles” go off in my head, which is hard to ignore. I don’t ignore them anymore. The same is true for instant gut feelings and visions. You may even be able to “sniff out” danger. Pay attention to them all.

Your messages may come in the form of dreams. So if you dream something important, pay attention.


Next you must TRUST whatever you get — implicitly. You must trust yourself even WHEN or IF others are telling you that you are wrong or dumb or crazy. If you intuit, you must stick to your integrity, no matter what. A smooth life, relationships, and career depend on your messages. It could even be a case of life or death.


Finally, depending on what you discern, you may need to take ACTION. This is sometimes the hardest part. Taking action can sometimes feel like standing at the edge of a sheer cliff, with nothing below but empty space, while your message insists that you jump. I will elaborate below in stories #3 and #4.


STORY 1: I sometimes ignore instructions, like “take your sweater with you” when it is hot out, only to have the weather cool suddenly.

But the time that I remember with horrifying clarity was when I was on a casual date many years ago. I was 20 years old. I didn’t know the man I was with well. I was driving my car that night. He told me there was a party and directed me to the house, which seemed dark and uninviting as we pulled up. I didn’t want to go in but he concocted a story that others would arrive soon. Although I had “bells and whistles” going off in my head, and a terrible premonition in my gut, I went in the house anyway.

The result of ignoring that message is I got raped.

I don’t ignore “bells and whistles” anymore!


STORY 2: Sometimes I get a message and I don’t know exactly what it means until later. A dear friend I worked with wanted to date an employee (I’ll call him Jack) in our county office. Instantly I had a bad feeling, although I hadn’t paid any attention to the man before. “Don’t do it,” I advised her. “You’ll be sorry.”

Next an office mate mentioned Jack in an admiring tone. “Isn’t he handsome?”

Just as suddenly as before, I blurted out emphatically, “I wouldn’t trust Jack as far as I could throw him!”

Some days later the Office Manager brought me in to talk about Jack. I told her my reactions, and she replied she was having bad feelings about Jack, too. She trusted my intuition (and her own) and had Jack followed by investigators. What turned up is that Jack had undertaken many criminal actions in his job among which he embezzled money, acted as pimp for some of his female clients, and had perpetuated the same kind of criminal activity in other counties of the state as well. He wasn’t even a citizen and was deported to a country in Africa, where his father was imprisoned as a political prisoner. Jack would suffer the same fate. It’s amazing what our intuitions can pick up, seemingly out of nowhere.


STORY 3: I had been married to Tom for 7 years. He was step-father to my two children, and was a kind man. I loved him deeply, although we had marital problems. One day I was getting a massage from a friend of mine, Kathy. I gave Kathy psychic counseling in exchange for therapeutic massage once a week. This particular day, in the middle of her soothing massage, I heard the following message inside my head, like an alarm: “Leave Tom now.” I opened my eyes and told Kathy what I heard. I puzzled over it but didn’t think anything more about it.

The following week I was again getting a massage from Kathy. I got the same message only this time it was louder and more imperative: “Leave Tom. Now!!”

I wasn’t going to ignore the second message. I went home and told Tom I was divorcing him. Tom asked me why I was leaving, but I wasn’t able to give him a good explanation.

I moved myself and my two children to a new home within the week. After we had moved in, and we were unpacking, my twelve-year-old daughter came to me, thanking me for moving away from Tom. She explained that around the time of my first message (which she didn’t know about), Tom had started molesting her! Consciously I didn’t “know” anything, but I was grateful to have paid attention to — and took action — on the psychic messages.


STORY 4: I have received numerous intuitions over the span of my lifetime, but I’m only going to tell you one final story, about timing. TIMING is all-important in many messages. Timing is all-important in the universe.

Paul and I had bought a farm and worked it for 8 years. It was exhausting work, but we persevered. At one point we thought about selling it and went to a realtor. The realtor told us we could get far less profit for it than we hoped. This was during the economic downturn and housing crisis; everyone was having problems selling property. She also showed us pictures of what we could get for our money. The houses and neighborhoods weren’t what we wanted to live in, in fact, were downright ugly. So we struggled on for another year.

One day in June, 2011, “out of the blue” I got the message, “Sell the farm now!” I didn’t hesitate. I sent out many emails advertising our farm, without the means of a realtor. The next day a couple showed up and gave us a full-price offer. The sale and escrow went through smoothly and we took our profits, moved to a lovely house in a great neighborhood. Everyone who knew us believed our sale was a miracle. I knew it was simply a message.


My message was — and always is — pay attention!


Excerpt from Cosmic Grandma Wisdom copyright 2017

originally published in GaldePress July 6, 2012

Lauren O. Thyme is a spiritual and psychic counselor, healer, channel, lecturer, published writer and poet, professional astrologer, and spiritual pilgrim.

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