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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The gentlest sacred site I have visited thus far in my travels is the tiny Duloe Stone Circle, consisting of seven upright and one fallen stone. It is located off a small road, hidden from view within a cow pasture, with only a small sign to mark its significant presence. The Duloe circle is remarkable in that it is the only circle in England exclusively consisting of shining white quartz stones, which supposedly have special healing properties. The large stone in the foreground (picture above) I called "Mom." As I wrapped my arms around its glistening hardness, I got the feeling of nurturing and love. In fact, the entire circle gave off an energy not unlike some tender and kind-hearted women I have known. The impressions I received there were that the ancient people used Duloe as a main birthing center. I read later that the local "…cows have been observed to go into the circle especially to give birth."

Tintagel castle stands on a rocky promontory known as The Island overlooking the wild Atlantic, at the base of which is a natural rock cave known as Merlin’s Cave, an atmospheric place where legend has it that Merlin snatched the baby boy Arthur from the sea. The site above contains 2 or 3 natural wells or springs, and an artificial tunnel…with special magical significance."

Although no archaeological evidence exists to link Merlin and Arthur with Tintagel, something significant remains regarding this site that has been forgotten over time. I believe psychic and inter-dimensional doors of energy exist there that cannot be scientifically researched. I visited Tintagel in 1996 with a group of pilgrims and we climbed down the precipitous cliff to Merlin’s Cave. Once inside the cave, one of our group (LuAnn) had extraordinary flashbacks to a former life where she was highly renowned as a "magician" and healer, especially of small children and animals. LuAnn is a gifted school counselor and animal lover, and has apparently incorporated these former abilities into her daily life.

Some of Cornwall is foreboding, bleak, untamed, and seems almost other-worldly, especially in its vast, sparse moors -- Exmoor, Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor. One can almost picture the unfortunate lovers, Heathcliff and Cathy from Emily Bronte’s novel WUTHERING HEIGHTS, walking among the brooding rocks of hilltop tors (rock outcroppings) like Haytor. Bodmin "…a fragile environment, not even a National Park as are Dartmoor and Exmoor, and all the more precious for that. It is a land upon which to walk lightly, leaving only your footsteps behind, a land that fills your lungs with fresh air and your soul with peace. Its spirituality lies not only in the ancient sites and their special energies or atmospheres, but in the whole Moor itself. To our ancestors, it was a place to live, to work, to celebrate, and to connect. For us it can still be a haven of peace in a troubled world, a glimpse back into a time when humankind had learnt how to be in harmony with the environment and to love and revere Mother Earth."

However, not all of Cornwall is harsh and rugged. Golitha Falls is found at the end of a swift river which runs through a spectacular, large forested area of lovely wooded scenery -- magical, serene, and achingly beautiful. The leaves from the ancient trees form a thick, green canopy through which light drifts like stardust, glinting off the rocks in the richly cascading river. We talked in hushed tones as we walked along, feeling as though we had strayed into a holy sanctuary, whose meditative atmosphere was not to be disturbed. Not far from Tintagel, one could imagine knights meeting their ladies here in the hidden glades for illicit trysts of Camelot-like eras gone by, relaxing and loving on the soft moss-covered rocks. This too, surely must have been a favorite haunt of Druids, whose worship of water and trees would have come together so beautifully here. Yet, we found Golitha Falls to be a sacred site of innocent pleasure as well. We felt immense pleasure in the scenery and we giggled like children, matching tones with the gurgling water, as we tripped over roots, climbed trees, and played with each other along the winding path.

Two major sacred sites are located within Bodmin Moor, which are aligned on the mysterious energy ribbon called St. Michael’s ley line. The Hurlers is a large sacred site consisting of three bronze-age stone circles, one of which is mostly now unrecognizable. The Hurlers stand in the shadow of Stowe’s Hill. Stowe means hill, so Stowe’s Hill translates into "Hill of Hills." Researchers believe that Stowe’s Hill was an extremely important and powerful place in megalithic life, as two major ley lines intersect at its middle.

When I first approached The Hurlers with my guide Maggie Dawkins, I was forced to stop about five hundred feet away from it and found myself unable to draw closer. I had been to many sacred sites by this time and had learned to listen to my inner guidance for the proper and respectful approach to a site. The energy of The Hurlers felt powerful, yet quite different, even negative, as though human sacrifice had played a role sometime after its original construction. Maggie told me that researchers believe the site had been used for those kinds of unsavory rituals much later in its history.

I was not the only one who sensed the degrading of vibration and usage at this place. "Psychics sensitive to places or objects…obtained visual glimpses and other information of past happenings at stone circles…The general consensus seemed to be that the stones were erected by wise priesthoods, who conjured with various undefined cosmic energies brought down to earth within the sites and used for ritual and spiritual work in various ways. Ultimately, the original knowledge became lost…and degenerative practices began to be carried out…"

I sat and meditated for a while, listening for the signal that I could enter; however, that signal never came. So I cautiously began to circle the monument, passing several large standing stones, until I was at the opposite side of where I began. There I found an energy "door," entered the circle and walked to the center where a large altar stone lay. A rush of aggressive energy filled me and I felt myself like a male warrior, surging with celebration and exhilaration as I held an (invisible) disembodied, bloodied head by the hair!! This was not the original intent of The Hurlers’ creators. I later intuited The Hurlers was probably part of a large holy ceremonial center and gathering place, located on the ley line along which ancient people trekked on their pilgrimages from Land’s End north to Avebury.

In my earlier meditation from my vantage point at The Hurlers, I had noticed a distant hill miles away capped with a spectacular mound of rocks. I received images that it had been used for vision quests by the ancient peoples who encamped at The Hurlers. Maggie then drove us around Bodmin Moor and parked at the well-marked sign. We hiked several miles, climbed Stowe’s Hill, and approached that mound known as The Cheesewring. The Cheesewring looks like a fifty-foot tall stack of pancakes, with the largest and widest pancakes precariously piled on top.

Is it natural or man-made? "The Cheesewring itself, often thought to be a stupendous work of art created by natural forces, now appeared to us as the weathered remnant of an enormous structure that may have been erected as a marker or focus of the energy [of Stowe’s Hill]. The fact that such a natural stone edifice should happen to lie on the exact center of the flow [ley line] as well as marking the countrywide alignment seemed to be more than coincidence."

The Cheesewring sacred site has proved to be very important one for me personally. It’s likely my own personal sacred site, like Nanci’s Sister Stone in my earlier article on Cornwall. If The Cheesewring was a place for neolithic vision quests, as I had intuited, I can certainly understand how easily visions could happen there. The high energy and intense vibrations immediately put me into a deep altered state and I felt dizzy with information pouring into me, the impact of which lasted for days. However, it wasn’t until I returned home that I discovered what my visions were, the most significant of my life up until that time.

After my encounter with The Cheesewring, I felt an intense urge to cut short my trip to England and immediately returned to America. The image of that mysterious rocky outcropping stayed with me constantly and I gazed lovingly at the postcard of it I had purchased before leaving. A week after returning home, I began to channel the input I had received from the sacred site. I was "told" to create TIME TRAVEL, a free informational service on sacred sites and sacred site tour companies. I did so and the business grew quickly into immense proportions. I was also notified that I was supposed to write a book on the ancient civilization of Lemuria, which I have also accomplished in 2000. Time is no longer in operation, but I am using this new website to spread information.

Creating Time and writing/publishing The Lemurian Way, Remembering your essential nature, proved to be major turning points in my spiritual life, as I began to lecture, publish articles and books, meet wonderful new people, while opportunities to lead tours to sacred sites and channel universal information appeared.

With my new understanding has come the knowledge that sacred sites are vast ancient reservoirs of energy and information, able to expand our consciousness, promote wisdom, heal and transform our lives in absolutely miraculous ways by traveling there.

Article originally published by Power Trips Magazine, April/May 1999 issue

THE SUN AND THE SERPENT, Hamish Miller & Paul Broadhurst, Pendragon Press, Cornwall, England, 1989


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