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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

The Cheesewring, England

Since the 1960’s human consciousness has accelerated into continued higher vibrations of metaphysical and spiritual awareness. Further stimulated by major cosmic events – the Harmonic Convergence in the late 1980’s, the conjunction of Neptune and Uranus in 1993, Neptune transiting Pisces starting in March 2012, along with the technological advent of the internet and emails -- people everywhere began hearing the call communicated from sacred sites worldwide and perceived an urgent desire to visit them.

What is a sacred site?

A sacred site is a locale where the earth’s power radiates in a vortex of energy. Sacred sites are often situated on ley lines, like acupuncture meridians along the earth’s crust. These sacred places can be natural, like holy wells or rock formations, or built out of stone and earth.

Ancient peoples intuited these power places, worshipped Nature, the Goddess and other deities there, performed healings and other ceremonies, and used them as temples of learning.

Often they raised monuments of huge stones, containing high concentrations of crystalline substances, using techniques since forgotten or lost in modern times. They aligned their monuments, as distinctly seen at places like Stonehenge, Carnac in France, and the Egyptian pyramid complex, with the potency of the extra-terrestrial forces of the sun, moon, planets and/or stars to augment the already-vital energies pulsating there. Furthermore, using their arcane knowledge, they were able to "seal in" the immense power using group Thought, Intention and Light, so that sacred sites still vibrate with wisdom and energy after thousands of years.

Ancient people built their sacred sites using sacred geometry such as circles, ovals, and pyramids. Sacred geometry is the geometry inherent in nature, whether it be the energy dance of atoms and molecules, the formation of a crystal, the growth of a plant or human skeleton, the motion of weather systems or galaxies. Certain patterns and ratios such as discovered by Fibonacci are used by nature in the formation of the manifest universe while the process of becoming is governed by these ratios, such as sunflowers and galaxies. Sacred geometry is used by the magical invocation for the same reason. The builders of the ancient sacred monuments observed the ways of nature closely and encoded its architecture into their structures so that the holy place would act as microcosms of the whole universe.

Cutaway of a nautilus

With the advent of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism, new religious edifices were regularly built on top of ancient and sacred sites, like Chartres in France and Glastonbury Abbey in England. However, earliest versions of these religions seemed to have intuitive understanding and ancient memories of the mystical and mysterious forces found at formerly pagan sites, utilizing the power of these sites, and incorporated many cherished ancient rituals and celebrations into their newly-sprung holy traditions.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Modern research has concluded that many of these sites and stones contain high concentrations of electro-magnetic energy which seems to fluctuate with natural cycles. In addition, the knowledge of feng shui has shown that often stone circles were placed on powerful feng shui sites such as Castlerigg and Glastonbury Tor.

Where are sacred sites?

Sacred sites exist the world over. Many are clustered within certain areas of Mexico, Ireland, Egypt, England, Scotland, Peru, Southwestern United States, Malta, Cambodia, Crete, South Sea Islands, Tibet, Nepal, India, New Zealand, and Greece. Sometimes they are huge complexes, like the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids and temples, Avebury and Stonehenge (England), Carnac (France) and the Callanish Stones (Scotland). Many are small, like Loanhead of Daviot (Scotland) or Stanton Drew (England), quietly tucked away in cow pastures or in a forest wilderness, practically unknown except to local residents or sacred tour groups. However, regardless of their size or reputation, all sacred sites contain vast oscillating intensity. Furthermore, each sacred site is unique and contains its own unique vibrational coding, activity and purpose.

Why go to a sacred site?

These sites are boundless sacred and holy repositories containing light, energy and wisdom. Sacred sites are believed to have been originally created by ancient peoples for:

· learning psychic and spiritual abilities, higher knowledge and wisdom; · healing of physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well as personal, group and planetary karma; · power generation; · connection – to themselves, each other, other communities, to earth, other dimensions, and to the sun, moon, planets and stars’ dynamism.

Thus, when visiting sacred sites, one can experience spiritual, psychic, and/or metaphysical development in minutes what might ordinarily take months or years. Another benefit is the advancement of personal and global wisdom and knowledge as well as healing one’s self and the planet.

When visiting a sacred site a symbiosis or bonding takes place. In other words, one absorbs the sacred site’s energy and wisdom, while simultaneously one’s superconscious human energy activates and expands the resonance and impact of the site. Mindful respect and honor, then, are important components to practice when visiting sacred sites.

Another special form of linking occurs when visiting a sacred site with a like-minded group. One becomes energetically connected to:

· other individuals and groups who’ve visited the site; · other sites joined along the ley lines of the site being visited; · individuals and groups who’ve visited those other linked sites.

Therefore, since visiting sacred sites creates a connection with other sacred sites and individuals around the world, global community and a sense of oneness and unity is both formed and then enhanced.

Why travel with metaphysical tour groups to sacred sites?

Firstly, and most importantly, groups utilize the potent force of synergy (one plus one equals much more than two), thus energizing themselves and the sacred site exponentially, in order to:

• heal physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies; • heal personal, group and global karma, activate soul memories; • restructure DNA; • link with earth energy, other individuals, and groups; • activate and enhance psychic and spiritual knowledge; • stimulate and encourage spiritual right action in the individuals.

Synergy can also take place when individuals within a group possess a key or part of the puzzle to unlocking or expanding the energy of a particular sacred site.

Sacred Site tour groups provide much more than could be gained alone or with ordinary tours. They:

• are comprised of intimate groups of like-minded individuals who are interested in psychic, metaphysical and spiritual learning; • provide personal attention; • include a spiritual leader, sometimes local experts or shamans; • visit many sacred sites within one area; • perform spiritual meditations and ceremonies at sacred sites to heighten personal experience through altered states, and to activate and magnify the energy of the sacred site, sometimes including ceremonies performed by indigenous shamans from Peruvian, Mexican, Maori, or Native American cultures; • are familiar with the area, know where sacred sites are and can travel to them easily, avoiding frustrating navigation through unfamiliar territories and roads; • provide interpreters in foreign countries; • furnish valuable information on the sacred sites, countries, and civilizations being visited; • arrange lodging in deluxe hotels, historic B & B’s, or other comfortable accommodations; • in excursions to Native American sites, lodging can include hogans, teepees, and wickiups for those inclined to go native; • often includes ground transportation, bagging handling, tipping, some meals, and offer advice on where and what to eat -- vegetarian meals are almost always available; • provide round-trip air transportation when necessary, sometimes at a discount.

Who and what are sacred site tour companies?

Sacred site tour companies are owned and operated by metaphysically and spiritually-minded people who have been drawn to sacred sites for many years. They’ve bonded with and have been activated by sacred sites, and grown tremendously from their experiences. These company owners are highly knowledgeable and want to share their information and expertise with others. Sacred Site tour companies organize trip details and provide what’s needed for a truly unique adventure.

All that is required of a spiritual traveler is to sit back, enjoy the ride and experience a trip that is comfortable, enjoyable, informative and above all -- life-expanding.

Lauren O. Thyme is a spiritual and psychic counselor, healer and channel, and spiritual traveler. She received a vision in 1997, while visiting The Cheesewring sacred site in Cornwall, England, to create TIME TRAVEL a free informational service promoting sacred site travel worldwide (now defunct). Lauren has published ten books and hundreds of articles on metaphysical, spiritual and holistic topics.

Lauren published a book with Sareya Orion entitled THE LEMURIAN WAY, REMEMBERING YOUR ESSENTIAL NATURE. This book focuses on the ancient civilization of Lemuria, the methods used to create sacred sites, and how the Lemurians utilized Universal Law and Wisdom to create a peaceful, loving, and harmonious society, which we modern folks can emulate.

GLOBAL SACRED SITES -- alphabetically:

Mt. Kailash, Tibet

Rev. Dr. Karen Tate a dear friend of mine and metaphysical tour leader published Sacred Places of the Goddess, 108 Destinations

Another friend of mine, Colin Wilson published Atlas of Sacred Places

Jamie George, Gothic Image Tours leads metaphysical tours around Britain


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