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My Life with Fairies and Devas

In January, 2004, Paul and I moved to Whidbey Island, in the state of Washington, to start a permaculture and survival farm on two and a half acres.

Permaculture is organic farming plus growing food like nature does—including many different species growing together, which makes the whole more resilient and stronger than its parts. The farm had been pastureland for 25 years. We planted fruit and nut trees, 12 kinds of berries, currants, herbs, wild flowers, and a 3,000-square-foot vegetable garden from scratch.

The first week we were there I went out into the field and prayed out loud. I asked for help from the spirits of the land, soil, insects, birds, reptiles, animals, and plants to help me, guide me, and teach me the way of nature. Then I asked that the whole area (including neighbors and a nearby gun club) to be brought into one harmonious family. I blithely thanked everyone and went back into the house. I had no idea what would emerge from my asking.

The next week I was sitting at our dining room window, looking out at our embryo farm.

Our dining room with stained glass windows

I could see hundreds, maybe thousands, of tiny bright lights flying into the field. Although I had never seen fairies before, I knew instinctively and from reading that they were fairies. The fairies celebrated that night with a huge party, then settled onto a large fir tree, making it their home. In the ensuing years, whenever I had a problem with the farm, I would go to the fir tree and talk to the fairies. They either advised me what actions to take or took care of the problem themselves. Both methods worked quite well.

Whenever we needed manure or compost, materials, or help, I asked. Whatever we needed showed up, sometimes within hours.

Truckloads of composting material showed up, but after six months we noticed that the rodent population had exploded. We could see mice and voles running all over. I commented to Paul that maybe we should visit the nearest animal shelter and get some barn cats. The fairies must have overheard us because the next day three feral cats showed up, a hefty tabby I named Mr. Kitty, his wife Diamond, and his son Slick. We fed them, got them fixed, and they stayed with us for eight years. The three of them quickly reduced the rodents to manageable numbers. Over time, whenever I noticed the number of mice and vole numbers climbing, I talked to Mr. Kitty and showed him mental images of catching the critters. Within a day our porch was littered with half-eaten rodent carcasses.

Mr. Kitty, Diamond, and Slick

I asked the fairies to bring in helpful snakes and created rockeries for the slithery reptiles to live in. Soon after I began to see snakes among the tall grass.

Many people who came to our farm (to buy eggs and produce, help out, or just visit) told us that our farm reminded them of Findhorn. I had read about that miraculous Scottish farm, visited there in 1996 for a day, and felt flattered at the association. I decided to call upon the nature spirits (devas), as had the founders of Findhorn. The first thing I did was go into the field and call upon the main deva. He showed up immediately, with a booming voice and an immense presence, the size of two football fields put together. This deva was in charge of overseeing many acres all around us. When I prayed that first week I had apparently contacted this deva, who subsequently invited the fairies. I thanked him for all his work on our behalf. He seemed pleased.

Later that day I decided I would also talk to the devas for each of the individual crops. I began with the tomato plants I had started from seed indoors. I spoke out loud and asked the tomato deva what, if anything, the tomato plants required. The reply was amazing.

“Silly woman,” the deva replied, “you have been communicating with all of us for years.”

I responded with surprise. “How did I do that?”

“You talk to us with your feeling-voice,” it told me.

I assumed the feeling-voice meant my intuition.

“You can talk if you want to or you can go back to your usual style.”

From that moment on, I made sure to say hello to all the plants and devas any time I went outside. I also practiced saying, “Please may I pick some” whenever I wanted to harvest anything, and “Thank you” after I had done so.

I also practiced thanking the chicken deva for the eggs our hens laid. Because of my close and daily interaction with our free-range chickens, visitors admired how healthy, friendly and loving our hens were. I delighted everyone when I called the chickens to me: “Darlings!” The hens knew my voice (I discovered that most birds are sound oriented) and would come running to me. Our visitors told us that our eggs were the best organic, free-range they had ever tasted. Apparently I had also used my feeling-voice with the chicken deva.

Our darlings

Our next-door neighbor obtained a steer to raise on her pasture. I went down to meet the steer and brought him some greens. While he munched I noticed his left eye was red, swollen, full of pus, and leaking some nasty-looking fluid. I asked the main deva to help the steer. The next day I brought him some more greens and was amazed to find that his eye was completely healed. Our neighbor Shelley came over to greet me.

“We were going to call the vet but we found that the eye was healed. Lauren, did you have anything to do with the cow’s eye healing? I told my dad I was sure you did something…”

I giggled. “Yes, I asked the deva to help the cow’s eye yesterday. Let’s thank the deva right now.” I closed my eyes and quickly thanked the deva for his help. Awesome!

It worked with humans, too. At one point we had some difficulties with the gun club and I asked the deva to help with the problems. Within a week all had been easily smoothed over without my even needing to talk to anyone from the gun club.

The last experiences we had on our farm were twofold. We weren’t able to keep up the farm anymore, because I was ill and Paul was getting too old. I asked for help in selling the farm. Within one day, and without a realtor, we had sold the farm for our asking price to a family who had been looking for a farm for five years!

Shortly before we moved Mr. Kitty got very sick, lost so much weight that his ribs stuck out, wheezed constantly, and could hardly walk. I thought he was dying. I asked the main deva to help. (I thought he would help Mr. Kitty pass easily.) I ­didn’t see the cat for a few days. Then Mr. Kitty showed up, looking much better. Within two weeks he was back to his healthy self. Of course, I thanked the deva for all his work.

Working with fairies and devas brought many miracles to our farm and helped me to appreciate the wonders of the unseen world of nature spirits. We live in an amazing universe!

Lauren O. Thyme, 2013 Port Townsend, WA First published in Fate Magazine

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