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The Importance of Psychic / Spiritual Discernment

I feel overwhelmed, as though our world has become a genuine Tower of Babel. Not with a multitude of languages but a massive spewing of beliefs – with each person thinking that his or her belief is the only accurate one. Complete with intellectual study and comprehensive research.

This culminates in a battle of these beliefs. Encouraging others to engage in battle. The battle creates war, frightening or separating or polarizing each other into — not just two warring camps — but many.

I recognize it in my own family and friends. I see it on Facebook and elsewhere on the internet. I hear it on TV and radio. I want to run far away, hide myself from the roar of righteous discord, and bury myself in something non-contentious. How do I know who – if any – are right? I’ve heard so much. I’m sure you have, too.

The difficulty today is not simply discerning our own path and rightness of action, but of others and the world. We are bombarded with a dizzying plethora of stories from one extreme to the other. Such as:

corporate news media and their nighttime bad news along with millions or perhaps billions of stories on the internet;

global warming, the pollution and loss of air, water, land, food, the death of millions of people and species worldwide;

vitriolic bashing of political opponents on all sides;

reports of legislation that removes our Bill of Rights, rights of women, reproductive rights; immigrants; LGBT;

the illuminati cabal preparing to take over our world. enslave us and murder nine-tenths of us;

imminent awakening, ascension and enlightenment;

secret good guys in the Pentagon and military preparing to free us from corporate and political domination;

Russian scientists decoding of crop circles warning of 5 impending disasters that will destroy earth;

extreme events on earth such as volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, severe weather, flooding;

and extreme solar events created by "them" which will end in calamity;

hatred, despair, violence, unceasing wars, repressions, children becoming soldiers or prostitutes;

being saved by ET’s or angelic forces, with the human race relocated to a safe haven or another dimension, while our planet goes in for repairs to remedy the injuries to its body and inhabitants.


Thus my belief is that the most important facet of anyone’s life is to be able to determine messages of guidance from a superior source, to know one’s personal truth. One could call that source a Conscience, a Higher Self, the Universe, Intuition, Guides, God, Jesus Christ, Allah, angels or any other life-affirming source. Whatever its name, without it, one is destined to struggle through life’s labyrinth, lost and bereft of direction, without guidance, bewildered or fearful and/or being at "war" with others. That guidance I call psychic / spiritual discernment.


The GUIDANCE OF DISCERNMENT comes in various forms, similar to our human senses:

Feeling (clairsentience)

Hearing (clairaudience)

Seeing (clairvoyance)

Tasting (clairgustance)

Smelling (clairalience) This one is not very well developed in most people, although I think it may be working when we are not paying much attention. Like being able to “sniff out” a situation. Or something “smells” fishy. Scientists have discovered that a couple cannot mate or stay together without smelling okay to each other.


We naturally possess one or more of these forms, and can develop others with conscious practice. I believe we are born with these abilities. Studies have shown that even fetuses in utero can discern the mother and/or its outside environment.


NOTICING AND AWARENESS / PAYING ATTENTION — The first step in developing and working with your personal source field is to notice. Notice when you get a message. This may be quiet or loud, a little prickle of conscience or a smack on the head with a 2 x 4, a huge picture or a tiny cartoon, a small event or a large disaster. You could keep a journal of what is noticed, which helps to develop even more awareness.

TRUSTING WHAT YOU GET — Many people don’t trust their intuitive messages. One’s logical mind can chalk messages up to an overactive imagination, wishful thinking, lack of sleep, or simply making it up. Just allow yourself to trust, for now. Wait and watch. Sometimes it may take a while to realize you are right. Once in awhile you may get no confirmation, but keep trusting anyway. Trusting will build your intuitive muscles.

ACT ON IT — if you pay attention to your message and if need be, take action – doing or refraining from doing, then pay attention to what happens next. You may be surprised at the accuracy or validity of the message.


YOUR MESSAGE IS SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU – No one else may get your message. That doesn’t mean it’s wrong, just personal.

Picture in your mind Creator/Source as a giant computer, connected to the entire cosmos of existence through software implanted in each of our beings. You may not resonate with anyone else’s message either. Pay attention to that.

A vision presented itself to me about in 1997. I saw each person on earth, their energy fields appearing like separate cornucopias floating in space. The message was: every person is living in his/her own unique universe, in which everything in that universe is “true.”


That means that there is no one Truth, with a capital T. Each separate universe (person) has its own particular truth that is connected to discernment for that individual and for that individual’s path through life.


My Council of Elders has explained that everyone’s job in life is to learn, grow and evolve. Sometimes we learn through positive actions, sometimes negative ones. And we have limitless lifetimes to perfect those lessons.

Each lesson is designed to enrich our soul’s development, as well as to learn through participation in the entire world’s lessons. Therefore, a Mother Teresa is just as important as a Saddam Hussein, regardless of how he or she may impact us directly or indirectly. The Elders say “everything is perfect, no matter what it looks like.”

Without discernment we cannot follow our own unique path. Life on earth is not a crap shoot, but a carefully, deliberately, lovingly orchestrated jigsaw puzzle of events and people, intended for each soul to grow and learn into more evolved and spiritual lessons.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having human experiences. And with each experience we have free will, to choose or not, to feel or not, to respond or not, to learn or not.

My Council of Elders tell me that living in our holographic universe is like living on a spider web of existence.

One Person can make a difference — because that action vibrates the spider web. As scientists have discovered, if you change one tiny aspect of a hologram, the entire hologram changes.

(I grew up in a household where I was abused and molested by both parents and an uncle. My soul deliberately chose this scenario in order for me to learn forgiveness, compassion and finally gratitude. It wasn’t easy. It has taken the better part of my adult life to learn these things – and not just for the perpetrators of personal crimes against me as a little child, but towards all perpetrators living and dead, for whom my growth into forgiveness and gratitude affects me and the entire world.


PRACTICE — the more you practice, the better at discerning you will get. I trust myself and my personal messages more than anything else or anyone else in the world.


I’m not implying for you to remain passive, unless that is what you discern is appropriate for you. I am saying that if you feel “inspired” to take a particular action, TRUST and ACT upon it. There is no wrong action, only inaction if action is what inspires you or vice-versa. And even if you take a supposed “wrong” action or no action, you will learn from that, too. In other words, you can’t lose.

I’ve had my own personal messages about myself within the world as it exists today. I am at peace, because my personal message that I discern is: “I’m fine. Nothing to be worried about.”

Yours will be exclusive to you. I encourage you to PRACTICE.

Lauren O. Thyme, first published on April, 2012

now part of Cosmic Grandma Wisdom, copyright 2017

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