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How to easily get what you want

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I’m not suggesting that you can get what you want. I’m telling you. I’ve used this method for over forty years and it works fabulously. Whenever I want something new, I sit down and do this process. And it’s fast. Usually takes me less than an hour to concoct.

I’ve called the method my “God Letter” — although you don’t need to believe in god or a higher power. You can be an agnostic or atheist and this method will still work great for you. You can call it the “Universe” letter instead. One thing we can all agree on is that we live in the universe.

The “God Letter” consists of a few simple steps. Mostly the Letter is a brainstorming device, which “e-mails” your request to the “Field of all Possibilities” as Deepak Chopra calls the unmanifested universe. You’re going to be manifesting something out of nothing. A little bit like your own personal Big Bang.


Get out a fresh, whole piece of paper (lined is good) and a pen or pencil, whatever you’re comfortable with. Hand-writing is more powerful than typing your letter on the computer. Make your writing legible, neat and tidy. You want the universe to clearly understand what you are going to manifest.

1 — Current date (day/month/year)

2 — Dear Universe:

3 — I ……. (put your full name here) NOW HAVE the PERFECT …….. (fill in the blank).

This could be a job, car, love relationship, house, apartment, housekeeper, employee, employer, career, vacation, health, enlightenment — or whatever you want. Limit this letter to just one manifestation, though. You can always write more letters.

You are writing this letter as if it has already happened, thus the word NOW. Eckhardt Tolle knows the power of NOW and you will too.

4 — Next -- here’s where you’re going to put your brain, heart, and imagination to work.

List every single feature you can think of that would describe your perfect …….. (fill in the blank).

Make this list as detailed as possible. Leave nothing out, no matter how far-fetched it seems to you. Forget your logical mind while doing your list. Your list does NOT have to make sense. Your list does not have to be “practical.” Put fear and doubt on the back-burner. They aren't needed here.

Don’t assume anything. The universe is not a mind-reader. Be specific. Write it down.

Include a TARGET DATE — month/day/year. This helps the universe to know when you expect your manifestation. Make your date reasonable. You’ll know what that is.

5 — After you’ve finished your very detailed list, you will write these exact words:

“This or something better now manifests for the good of all concerned.”

The reason for this sentence is:

— you don’t want to limit yourself to what you have asked for. The universe may want to give you more!

— the word NOW is very potent. Just ask Eckhardt Tolle. Manifestation exists in the NOW.

— the good of all concerned — you don’t want to take something away from someone else. The phrase protects your integrity.

— you want the manifestation to be for your own highest good as well as for others.

6 — Then finish with — “Thank you, God (or Universe or whatever you are addressing).”

Gratitude is a very powerful, spiritual vibration, bringing good things your way. Writing a gratitude list is an excellent daily practice.

7 — Sign your name the way you wrote it at the top of the letter.

8 — Put this letter somewhere where you can see it every day, like on the bathroom mirror or refrigerator. Although you have included a target date, you may receive your manifestation sooner — or later — than you have written. The universe operates with synchronicities, so it has to arrange and orchestrate your manifestation. Relax.

The Universe Letter is a process.

I suggest you start with a simple request and practice. This helps you become acquainted with how to do the process and to build your manifestation muscles. Not to mention it will give your skeptical mind something stress-free to work on, work up to. You may want to write a series of letters. You can then clearly see what you’re willing to allow into your life by what shows up! With practice you will be able to manifest better and with greater ease. At least that’s been my experience.

How can you can write a beautifully crafted letter of your own? Primarily with details on your list.

Let’s imagine you want to manifest your perfect apartment. You would answer questions like those below with your list.

—Price per month – would that include utilities? How about security deposit? first and last months rent? work exchange? — be specific with what YOU want

—Locale — city, state — preferred neighborhoods if you know them — by water, mountains, desert, rural, suburban, cityscape — be specific — what do you WANT?

—Size — square footage, 1 story, 2 story, basement, attic — Lot size — age of apartment (Victorian, Arte Deco, modern), condition of apartment and neighborhood — if you want an apartment freshly painted, newly carpeted, clean and bright, say that. Be specific. Include the colors of the walls and carpet while you’re at it. Do you want a workroom in the garage? Include it.

—Amenities — which direction do you want your entrance to face? windows (sunny or shady)? Number of bedrooms, bathrooms? Size of living room, dining room, kitchen? What kind of cabinetry? Plumbing? Electrical? Appliances? Do you want a fireplace, pool, exercise room, jacuzzi, what kind of landscaping? Bathtub or just shower? Garage? Garage door opener? Furnished or not? All the sinks, tubs, toilets are modern and work perfectly? Be specific.

—Extras — like stained glass windows, french doors, glass chandelier, indirect lighting, modern bathroom lighting, special wallpaper, skylights, whatever you can think of you’d like. Be creative.

—Neighbors — close or far away, loving, kind, quiet, helpful, friendly, keep to their own business? Imagine these people in your mind. Remember your past experiences!

—What kind of street and neighborhood? Quiet, attractive, tree-lined, safe, free of graffiti, close to shopping, schools, what kind of shopping and schools? What kind of children for your children to play with and be friends with?

—How you (and your family) will feel in this apartment — happy, content, energetic, loving, peaceful, creative? What do you want?

—And of course include a date for your anticipated move-in.




You wouldn’t go to a car dealership and merely say “I want to buy a car.” You would specify make, model, year, price, extras, financing.

You wouldn’t call Sears and ask them to send a refrigerator — without specifying what you want. You might end up with any old refrigerator.

That’s the point. Use the same methodology in your Universe Letter. You are training yourself to WANT exactly what you want and GET what you want. Don’t accept pale imitations any more. Don’t just put up with whatever shows up in your life. Don’t make do.

You are ordering from the “Sears in the Sky,” and you deserve to get what you desire. In fact, the universe wants you to manifest your desires. You and the Universe are one.


What I have discovered over time is that I manifest about 90% of what I ask for. Sometimes I get 100%. But I figure if I ask for a lot, then the odds are better. Often I will get items I didn’t put in my letter. Those are bonuses. Remember — "this or something better now manifests."

As you write down items you want, you may find yourself getting excited. Your excitement lets you know you are on the right track. If you look at my article “From Suffering to Bliss,” you’ll see on the Emotion Chart that enthusiasm is up towards the top. According to Dr. David Hawkin, the higher the emotion on the chart, the more power it carries.


I wouldn’t advise you to “try to figure out” how your manifestation will occur. Just trust that the universe has begun working for you already. In truth, the universe is always working for you. But this time you have special ordered a specific request, rather than longing for a vague desire. That makes all the difference in the world (cliche intended).


More helpful information:

Using the method in my Blog entitled: From Suffering to Bliss in 2 Easy Parts — (feeling your emotions and disappearing your unhelpful stories) focuses more energy into manifestation.

Another Blog is about the "Universal Bank Account, " how the universe operates in giving and receiving. That details how to help “prime the pump” to manifest what you want even more powerfully. This is about learning how to give and receive, both very important in this process.


MANIFESTING A PERSON OR RELATIONSHIP: You will need to be very specific. You may want to take a few days to think about and imagine the qualities you are looking for.

Twenty-five years ago I did the Letter to manifest a boyfriend. He was everything on the list. But, I didn’t read the fine print. He had several traits I didn’t want — addictions and violent tendencies. Bear in mind that people are very complex. You must think like a cosmic attorney, considering the fine print and contractual information.

You must NOT try to manifest a specific person, only specific qualities that you want in a person. Otherwise the universe’s manifestation will either backfire on you or not work at all. That is considered magic and spell casting, which is okay if you are trained in Wicca, but is not what this method intends.


I hope that you will try out this method in your life. And I hope that you write to me and let me know how it went. Please contact me if you are at all confused or want further clarification.

Blessings now and always,

Lauren O. Thyme April 24, 2012

excerpt from Cosmic Grandma Wisdom

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