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Ethics: 8th Wave of Human Consciousness Evolution

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


The 9th Wave and ultimate evolution of human consciousness in the Mayan Calendar according to Dr. Carl Calleman is CONSCIOUS CO-CREATION. ¹ Yet we seem “stuck” – for lack of a better word, at the 8th Wave which is ETHICS.

Dr. Calleman's most recent book, The Nine Waves of Creation:

Explains the quantum physics behind the Waves of the Mayan Calendar system and how their holograms shape the human mind

Shows how throughout history each revolution in human consciousness has been driven by the activation of one of the Nine Waves of Creation

Reveals how we can consciously work to deactivate the negative patterns of the Sixth Wave and manifest the unity consciousness of the Ninth Wave


Both the 8th and 9th Waves are quite recent developments. Human consciousness began to wrap its group mind around what ETHICS is and what it means for global existence a mere twelve years ago. The 8th Wave began on Jan. 5, 1999 and culminated on Oct. 28, 2011. The 9th Wave began on Feb. 11, 2011 and culminated on Oct. 28, 2011 for a total of just 260 days.

Incredibly recent advances in the span of human consciousness are thrusting us swiftly into new realms. We are hurrying to catch up with ourselves!

Prior to these aspects of consciousness we had two other Waves – 6th and 7th. The 6th had to do with learning about LAWS & PUNISHMENT (Aug. 11, 3115 BC – 2011 AD), while the 7th taught us about POWER (July 24, 1755 – 2011)

As we ascended the 9 Waves of the Pyramid of Consciousness, we learned about and then incorporated that which came before, like the steps of human development from a baby to an adult. As you can tell, we humans pretty much understand the consciousness of Laws/Punishment as well as Power and have incorporated these into our civilizations.


Now, however, we are struggling to integrate Ethics into our awareness. It’s only recently that, with the help of a new invention, the Internet, we have begun to uncover unethical behavior all around us – in government, politics, business, banking, NASA, CIA, the Media, Big Pharma, to name just a few, at global, national and personal levels. Stories are constantly emerging of yet more unethical behavior. I believe those unethical discoveries and disclosures are important, as we wrestle with comprehending and integrating the meaning and texture of Ethics into human existence. In other words, Power isn’t bad per se. There’s no one to blame for unethical abuses of Power, because it is part of our group learning and growth. We simply need to move forward and change our behavior.

Are these unethical behaviors a recent development? Or has unethical behavior been going on all along and we haven’t been aware of it? Or is unethical behavior forcing us to become more ethical?

As I see it, today’s Ethics are set against the background of consciousness’ earlier development – Power and earlier still, Laws. Power and Laws without Ethics have no integrity and collapse under their own weight, as we can see everywhere in the world today. Why didn’t it break down earlier?

What IS Ethical anyway?

When I toggled my thesaurus, what came up was: moral, principles, right, decent, proper, fitting, virtuous, just, honorable, upright, and fair. I think that about covers the basics. I prefer to live in a world where these virtues are common practice. Don’t you?

How can we run business and countries using ethical behavior?

How do we assimilate Ethics into Laws and Power?

Do we need to rewrite laws, redo human development, teach our children early?

These are weighty questions, ones that are appropriate to our time, and relevant to each individual’s development, as well as our collective.

Earlier, when I said we are “stuck” at the 8th level, I mean some individuals and groups spend a great deal of time and energy pointing out and fighting against unethical behavior. They get angry, rant, demonstrate, produce documentaries. Not that anger, ranting and demonstrating is bad, but perhaps outmoded and in some sense, overdone. I can’t listen to the stories anymore. I am saturated to the breaking point.

“What?” you may exclaim.

“Lauren, group dissent is practically institutionalized behavior. In the past, we created rights, amendments, and more just laws, by doing those things!”

“I realize that,” I reply. But that was the past. We are now in the present. Consciousness has changed. We live in a different universe now. In fact, since Oct. 28, 2011, we have even zoomed beyond Ethics to include Conscious Co-Creation.

We are being pressured by universal intelligence into formulating and dispensing Ethics. We don’t need to focus on what ISN’T ethical. Rather we can focus on what IS ethical, given our new understandings. Then we can blend Ethics into Laws and Power, into our lives. And then ultimately we can stir our Consciousness Stew into Conscious Co-Creation and create what we want.


♦♦♦ All mass consciousness begins with the individual. You are in charge of yourself and your own personal universe. What you do makes a difference, both personally and in the big picture. Think of the 100th Monkey story. You can stand up for yourself and live an ethical life.

♦♦♦ If you find yourself being victimized by unethical, illegal, criminal, or other unhelpful behavior from a company, corporation (no matter how big and intimidating, including doctors and dentists), retail stores (brick-and-mortar or internet), or even an individual, identify the problem in detail.

♦♦♦ In your own personal life, you CAN do something. Forgo being a victim – eliminate victim consciousness. You have become your own advocate.

♦♦♦ You can let go of your anger and hostility, and remain calm. You now have the universe (the 8th Wave) on your side, so you don’t have to “fight” anymore. You can “float.”

♦♦♦ You can journal about your grievances and complaints. (I often follow that with a gratitude list.)

♦♦♦ You can brainstorm and then write down how you want your grievance resolved. Sometimes you just want to lodge a complaint. Other times, you may want money back, a refund, an apology, or some other solution. Be creative. Ask for what you WANT.

♦♦♦ If you start with a phone call to the unethical business, keep notes. Remain polite and courteous – and FIRM. Record the date, who you talked to (full name if possible), what was discussed and details of a resolution. Get the company’s phone number, address, name of administrators or owner, email address, toll-free number. Tell the person what you expect to happen. See if a resolution occurs as a result of your phone call.

♦♦♦ If an initial phone call isn’t helpful to resolve your grievance, you can send a letter with copies of attachments and enclosures to the business or corporation with a CC (copy) to other helpful agencies. Remain polite and courteous. Be sure to let the original business know that you are sending CC to other agencies (if you are). Sending a physical letter(s) is more powerful than emails or phone calls, which can easily be ignored, deleted or lost.

♦♦♦ Locate and use other agencies to help you if necessary. The Internet is a great resource for this.

♦♦♦ The most important agency to contact for all grievances is the Attorney General in your state, who will open a case and act as a mediator for your grievance, including sending a letter to the offending company. The Attorney General tracks grievances and may even initiate a Class Action Suit against a company that regularly practices unethical business behavior. It’s helpful to have Big Dogs on your side.

♦♦♦ If you believe that the company was using criminal tactics, like “bait and switch” or confidence schemes (“if you send us money for …… , we’ll give you a job/cash/make you rich, put money into your bank account”), ridiculous promises that they fail to fulfill, false advertising, or coerce you into paying more money that you didn’t sign up for (cell phone companies use this strategy), then you can send a CC to your local police department, Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau. The BBB also acts as a mediator in grievances. When it comes to phone companies, cable, and the Internet, the FCC can be contacted. That makes 3 Big Dogs in your corner.

♦♦♦ If your complaint regards a doctor, dentist, therapist, or other medical organization, you can send a CC of your complaint to your State’s Medical Association, Association of Psychotherapy, AMA, or others you may think would be helpful or who might want to know. There may be a watchdog association tracking unethical medical practices you can locate.

♦♦♦ If you believe you need a lawyer to help you, you can contact one. Ask for a free consultation.

You may not get any or all of what you ask for in this process. But, you won’t get anything if you don’t ask. I get satisfaction from knowing I stood up for myself. Anything else is a bonus. The more we lodge complaints and take action, I believe the unethical methods will begin to crumble, to be replaced by ethical standards.



The challenge as I envision it is for personal, interpersonal, and global integrity. I have an image of nesting circles including each one of us, our communities, the nations, and the world. Ever-expanding circles of relationships in which we are all as conscious as possible, and eternally vigilant.

To stay aware of:

Am I acting in an ethical manner? Is there an ethical action I / we can take? What does it mean to live in an ethical dimension, make ethical choices?

Ultimately I believe this means individual responsibility for one’s own actions, thoughts, feelings, behavior, and intentions. One that I hope each of us will assume.

I conclude with Lauren's Law # 20 — Everything is connected to everything as though by an immense Spider Web of Life. A change will vibrate the entire web; thus ONE person CAN make a difference.

and Lauren's Law # 26 — As I transform myself, others transform themselves in my presence.

The Mayans told us through their calendar – this consciousness has already happened. All that is necessary is to participate in its unfolding.

first published in Galdepress Blog July 18, 2012 by Lauren O. Thyme now available in COSMIC GRANDMA WISDOM copyright 2017


Ian Xel Lungold’s documentary “The Mayan Calendar Comes North”

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