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Traveling on the River of Time

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

A do-it-yourself handbook for the exploration of past lives.

Almost no one remembers their infancy or toddlerhood, but it is there nevertheless. Whatever happened then influences a person now – in both beneficial and problematic ways.

Past lives affect us by the same means our childhood does. Unremembered past lives continue to live in our bodies, our genes, our energy fields and relationships with others. If there were difficulties, unmet needs, or broken hearts, we continue to feel those in present time. We act them out. We react to others with memories always hovering in the background.

Traveling on the River of Time is a tool to unearth those recollections. To gently remove difficulties as if with an unseen magic wand. Once having softly disposed of those memories, your life can become easier, less troubled, happier, and more at peace.

Traveling on the River of Time provides effortless tools -- without trauma and pain -- to take yourself to new tranquility. You will transport yourself into priceless knowledge and insight. You will understand at a cellular level how and why relationships and events have transpired in your present life. You will release timeworn decisions that are no longer appropriate or helpful.

Your life challenges will be able to resolve, gracefully and favorably, as you work through the stages of this simple technique. Without hypnosis. Without meditation. Without the aid of an “expert.” Without requiring any psychic ability whatsoever, except what comes naturally to all human beings.

Does that sound impossible? Perhaps. But the method works anyway. It has worked even for non-believers and skeptics.

Lauren began remembering her past lives when she was 5 years old until she now remembers 97 of them in fabulous detail.

As she matured into adulthood she began to “read” other peoples’ past lives with uncanny accuracy. Sometimes clients researched what she had revealed to find astonishing correlations and corroborating minutiae from the past.

Then Lauren realized the value and significance of remembering one’s own lifetimes. To recall facts, faces, events, and to release them, is an opportunity for tremendous healing and growth. And so she came up with the method in this book, then practiced it for several decades, until it was polished into Traveling on the River of Time.

No matter your motivation for Traveling on the River of Time – whether for fun, curiosity, self-discovery, or healing, you will have the adventure of a lifetime. And you will find yourself.

Lauren O. Thyme is a spiritual and psychic counselor, healer, channel, lecturer, published writer and poet, professional astrologer, and spiritual pilgrim.

Lauren O. Thyme, author of: Cosmic Grandma Wisdom Along the Nile Strangers in Paradise Twin Souls, A Karmic Love Story Thymely Tales From the Depths of Thyme Alternatives for Everyone, a guide to non-traditional health care The Lemurian Way, Remembering your essential nature with Sareya Orion Forgiveness equals Fortune, co-authored with Liah Holtzman

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